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The Legend of Azad : Now Give me blood

The Legend of Azad

The Legend of Azad by Saurabh Goyal I just now finished reading The Legend of Azad series and can tell you that it is a well-researched series of comics.

Year 1945: A plane crashes and blows up right after takeoff in Japanese occupied Taiwan. A plane with an extraordinary passenger. India’s most loved freedom fighter. Bose. Did he turn to ash or survive the crash? Or did he morph himself into a gumnami baba and live his life in obscurity? Decades later this mystery will be still be debated.

When Justice goes to sleep, a Legend awakens. In 1950s India, a war cry is heard rippling over the Hooghly river. Once loved, now forgotten, a true hero has risen from the ashes. The Legend of Azad graphic novel series is inspired by true historical events.

The Legend of Azad spans Indian history as well as mythology to create a storyline unlike anything I have read in Indian Comics before. The life and times of India interwoven with the death of Subhash Chandra Bose, or not!?

The Legend of Azad

I enjoyed reading all four books (first book contains 2 issues) of The Legend of Azad and would like to read more, but I am assuming there will be a long wait. Don’t worry about the ending as there is NO cliff-hanger in the fourth book. It’s well worth your time.

The artwork is really well done, and I love the covers… they are brilliant! The quality of the books is amazing. These are available on Comixology as well if you want to read them digitally.