Culture POPcorn

About CulturePOPcorn

Mr. Kishan Harchandani, an entrepreneur from the Pink city, Jaipur is a creative guy doing several business, added another venture to his impressive portfolio of startups in May 2016- and thus, CulturePOPcorn was born. He has great passion and interest towards Indian Comics and POP Culture.

It’s only appropriate that India’s leading comics portal was founded by a person who is a devoted fan himself, and is passionate about what he is doing. Comics in India have seen better days and this is a critical period for the Indian comics industry. Right steps taken at the right time could prove to be a huge turning point for the dwindling comics market. And that’s the exact thing CulturePOPcorn is trying to do. Let’s take a deeper look into how actually is the website going about it:

1. Articles are published on a daily basis by serious comic book enthusiasts and professional bloggers, highlighting the current happenings in the world of comic books.

2. Regular reviews are posted for the newest comic book offerings in the market by several of the emerging publications like Yali Dream Creations, Speech Bubble Entertainment and many more.

3. These articles and reviews reach a large audience and thus ensures that the folks in the industry as well as the fans are abreast with the latest on goings.

4. Apart from these, CulturePOPcorn is also supporting a no. of budding publishers in more ways than one. The exposure that these publications are getting via CulturePOPcorn is staggering to say the least!

All of the above mentioned points attest to the fact that CulturePOPcorn is striving to bring back the glory days of the Indian comic book industry. All it needs is the support of the fans and their unending passion for comic books. Fans can do their bit towards this goal by supporting the efforts of the new publishers, visiting CulturePOPcorn to keep themselves updated with the recent occurrences and events in the world of comics, and finally SAYING NO TO PIRACY. Piracy has damaged the Indian comic industry and has almost brought it to the brink of extinction.

CulturePOPcorn strongly condemns piracy and it encourages the Indian comic book fans to do the same and ultimately help in bringing back the good old days of comic books.