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Kill or be Killed Hardcover Deluxe Edition Graphic Novel Review

I’ve recently read a book called Kill or be Killed by Ed Brubaker and Shauna Phillips. This is new print deluxe edition hardcover. I just didn’t know much about this book but I knew that Brubaker is also a good writer. He writes for television as well.

Talking about Kill or be Killed book, it was thoroughly good and very compelling. I’ve finished it in two sittings because it was that good. It follows the story of a young man who tries to commit suicide. He’s tried it before, but it didn’t work. He tries it again and through a twist of fate, he survives and given this new lease on life up.

But then all of a sudden, starts hearing and seeing a demon that tells him, “I let you live, you’ve got to kill one person.” You’ll never be sure whether the demon is real or not. It’s just a sort of something that’s in his mind and it’s a sickness because you find out through the book that his father and his half-brother also had this demon in their head.

And you don’t know if it’s some sort of allegory for something but he does. He goes out and starts killing people. He feels better, he gets on with his life.

Kill or be Killed Hardcover Deluxe Edition got great art. Every page is expertly painted. It doesn’t get a dust cover on it but it’s very easy to read. but it’s very easy to read when you open it, the book sits nicely in flat and you don’t get any gutter loss. It feels well-made and high-quality, it’s a shame to be honest image comics don’t do more of these fully collected deluxe editions. They seem to really want to stay away from using the word omnibus when it comes to complete story arc collection complile in one fat book, unlike Marvel or DC Comics.

Kill or be Killed

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