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Birds of Prey Movie Review: Messy and Muddled Ride

So I’m both a Marvel and DC fan. They aren’t always brilliant movies. Both have their ups and downs but this one is opportunity lost. Birds of Prey is directed by Cathy Yan, Starring Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez, Ella Jay Basco, Chris Messina and Ewan McGregor.

First of all, this film should have been called Harley Quinn, feat. Birds of Prey. This movie was all about Harley. The title and the premise would make you believe that this movie is the origin of an iconic female superhero team, but nah. I suppose if you followed their promotion it would have been pretty obvious from the start that this would be all about Harley but still. Misleading title if you ask me. The other ladies are barely there, and Harley steals the spotlight for pretty much the whole film.

The cast were great particularly from Robbie and McGregor. They steal the show. There isn’t any weak performances. The style of Birds of Prey is great and fresh. It Is really great in cinematography and production design.

The story is good even if it’s somewhat formulaic at times. Birds of Prey follows Harley Quinn’s journey after a recent breakup with the Joker along with Renee Montoya, The Huntress, Black Canary, and Cassandra Cain. Harley finds herself a target by everyone that She and the Joker targeted whether it’s just for fun, unintentional and intentional.

Roman Sionis or Black Mask is known to be one of the top mercenary in Gotham, and also the one who hate Harley the most, after a series of events that Harley and Joker had done to him. But given that Harley was still under the protection of the Joker, no one else dared to mess with her. But after the breakup Harley finds herself on the top of Ronan’s kill list.

Though Margot Robbie is a talented actress and portrays Harley Quinn very well, the plot and character arcs in Birds of Prey all fall flat. The intro is quirky, funny, and seems promising but never truly rises at any point during the movie. The narration bit wasn’t confusing, but didn’t do anything to help drive the boring plot home.

Add that to the fact that there was no real struggle or villain …I mean…come on, you own the city but apparently no guns? Which leads me to my next point. Ewan McGregor. Fantastic actor, terrible role. I hold this opinion for almost all the characters in the movie. None of their character arcs are meaningful or develop enough for us to care about them. Another issue I had with the movie is the failed attempts at action choreography. I mean, you have dudes standing around and falling back before they’re even hit.

However, I really like the idea and story of Dolittle Movie and enjoy a lot of the world building of the movie like the whale pulling the ship thing. Yet it lost a lot of charm by having mediocre villains, unrewarded plot lines and abrupt character developments like Lily’s dad’s redemption.

To be frank, I can see the appeal to this movie for kids. Nowadays, it’s really rare for this kind of genre. It reminds me of the Narnia movies. But I don’t think this movie is made for me or my type of audience.

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