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Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Made by Nerd for Nerds

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) is a 4-hour epic masterpiece that purely gave justice to all the fans who forced the studio to bow down to its knees. This film has everything that a superhero movie should have, from amazing action & story to powerful visuals and a perfect score by Tom Holkenborg, which helped the audience to feel nostalgic and have a sense of continuity to prior DCEU films.

As a lifelong fan of superheroes and comic books, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is the film I have been waiting for. Zack Snyder ups the ante with much more high octane action sequences, a layered plot with grave consequences, and high stakes that lead to a jaw-dropping cliffhanger of an ending making you long for more. Yet the best parts of the film are the character moments, the team building, the mini-arcs, and the time is taken to flesh out each character.

In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, we see an enthralling and compelling essence to the characters we previously didn’t see. All of the heroes actually have their own brilliant and fantastic depth this time, and it builds up perfectly to the climax. The plot is outstandingly structured well this time and it seems to always pace at its own speed, which is not a bad thing, as it is the DCEU’s biggest smash hit, and it needs to belong in order to tell the story the right way, and Snyder does an impressive work of that. Returning the dark, gritty, ambitious, and eerie tone used in previous DCEU films such as “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

Snyder is extremely talented at painting scenes and bringing to life characters in his own unique style and making those moments feel epic. He’s done it in all of his past works and while not everything he does is ostensibly good, I think everything he’s done does represent a vision that he clearly has.

Batman has actual Batman moments and does actual Batman things… he isn’t just a gun-toting psychopath. While I am still not 100% happy with this iteration of the character (he still has guns, after all, plus why goggles) he also doesn’t blatantly kill humans. Ben Affleck is absolutely capable of carrying this character in the right direction, should he only be given the chance to do it right.

Aquaman (specifically this version) is represented as a unique version of the character that feels better than the comics will ever be able to represent. Momoa brings a lot of heart to the character while still keeping the darker tone people enjoy and having the fun moments people have enjoyed, as well.

Flash does so much more than just blip around occasionally. I actually despised Ezra Miller’s representation of Barry in the other film and while I still don’t necessarily love it (he reminds me of someone who’s blasted on cocaine), he is a little more reigned in by the third act and actually servers a purpose other than being a budget sink.

Cyborg’s arc actually makes you feel and care for his character in this version. His character’s involvement in the plot is much larger and is much closer to a comic book version of his character and serves a purpose throughout the whole plot. I still think the armor looks atrocious.



Wonder Woman not only feels more intriguing than in the original film (as well as the most recent film she was in), but she actually feels strong as a character without just beating you over the head with generic feminism being shoe-horned in which I respect. That character has been around since the 40s – it’s good to see her get treated so well.

Superman’s spirit from the comics shines through much better in this version which is a little shocking when you consider how dark Snyder likes to take the character. His role is perhaps a bit diminished compared to the previous version while still feeling important which opens up space for other characters to shine and it goes without saying that Henry Cavill was born for this role.

Steppenwolf is now a menacing force to be reckoned with, but a villain that you actually learn about and understand. Not simply a generic conqueror. Speaking of the conqueror, move over Thanos…Darkseid has arrived. Darkseid the king of DC villains, the Lord of Apokolips has made his film debut and it is fantastic.

It’d be no surprise if the fans demand a sequel considering an amazing world-building & the climax looking forward to the multiverse possibilities. And hopefully, the studio may agree to invest in the franchise based on its own merit & off course targeting the number game. And I’m pretty sure that when it’s going to happen, It’s going to be really GRAND!

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