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Short Film Kathputli Review : A Struggle for Control

Review by Rishit Tiwari. The trailer and sneak peaks of Kathputli movie makes you excited and anticipating to watch it. Good trailers are a must for the success of a movie as it increases the interest level and popularity of the movie and also attract more viewers.

Now coming to the Kathputli movie. In the first few minutes, the story progresses slowly and nothing interesting happens.This can be dangerous for a movie as most of us (if watching on Youtube or T.V.) decide through the first few minutes of a movie whether to continue watching it or switch to any other.

The good thing is that Kathputli slowly obtains a normal flow and keeps you bounded till the end from there. Like every other good thriller movie, the story keeps clicking a question in your mind, “What happens next?” which is important to keep the interest of viewers alive and to keep us glued to the screen.



The direction and execution were really well and probably the best possible at this budget.The acting of lead actress Ankita Tripathi, specially at the last few minutes was very nice while some times felt like it needs some mending and bending. I thought Kathputli movie to be a usual horror/paranormal story but it turned out as something completely different.

Kathputli Short Film

Kathputli carries a important message about Alien Hand Syndrome, a rare neurological disease and about the stigma of mental health and illness in India. Awareness is the key to progress and such movies can act as a game changer. So, one should not only watch them for entertainment but also share them to others in to make the unaware ‘aware’.

The background music was quite lit! It did it’s work of adding more momentum and feel to the story and it was synchronized quite well!

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