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Joker Movie Review: A Slow Ascension into Madness

Joker Movie is truly one of the greatest cinematic experience I’ve ever seen and I have seen quite a lot of movies. The thing about Joker Movie is that it’s artsy but not pretentious. It’s a slow and thrilling dive into madness. Arthur Fleck slowly being swallowed by nothingness and emptiness while joker thrives in his stead.

Joker Movie was difficult to watch at times, but hella captivating throughout. Arthur’s reasoning is believable, his sanity is questionable, and his life is indeed one hell of a joke. Like watching an extreme example of what happens when people on the lower end lose access to social programs. This can very easily be taken as a commentary on mental illness kept unchecked. More than that, it’s a story about a guy who accepts his “crazy” and transcends poverty, circumstance, and societal… at everyone else’s expense.

Don’t expect Joker Movie to be a feel good movie. I mean, unless you’re into really dark humor and comeuppance. It’s the kind of film to discuss with others afterward and really think about for awhile. If you want a 2-hour Cards Against Humanity experience, see it with others. If you don’t want to fail other people’s litmus tests, absolutely do not.

Things I Liked in Joker Movie : The notebook. When she tells it like it is. The first solo dance. The way the third (staircase) dance was done, especially at the end. The sadness of Arthur. The kindness of Arthur. When the Joker is fully formed. The tensity of the “talk” scene. When the body is laid on the hood. The disturbing feel of the last dance. The fact that I’m pretty sure I saw Donald Glover with a cloth covering his mouth at the end. How oddly it sat with me while I watched the credits.

Favorite Joke: “The worst part about having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you DON’T.”

Statement: 1) When your savior is a madman, there’s either something wrong with society or something wrong with you. Probably both. 2) I can see the potential problem with this film being released in the US right now. On a certain level, we didn’t need this with our current political climate. On another level, the matters of class, social programs, mental illness, medication, and who gets to decide are all worth portraying. Meh. 3) If you know your kids are gonna see this one way or another, consider seeing it with them and starting a conversation about its topics after.

I like how Joaquin Phoenix gonna win the oscars, his performance was incredible. His laugh awhile his nerves and crying was unbelievable, his character at the beginning when he’s struggling with his condition, day by day he realized that people getting noticed, this man is the solution for that community. Between the rich and poor.

The last hour of this movie was by far the most tense I’ve been watching a movie in a long time! But even before that with the sort of slow build-up it’s impossible to take your eyes off the screen! Also I must say I feel like I can’t say this is better that heath ledgers joker but phoenixe is just a whole different beast and is a sight to behold.

I don’t know if anyone could have pulled this of as fantastic as Joaquin Phoenix did. Fantastic movie, absolutely loved it.

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