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Hitman 3 is the Bold, Bald and Beautiful Conclusion of Trilogy

Does Hitman 3 end the series with a big, bloody bang? No question about it. This final entry in the stealth-action franchise’s current trilogy sees killer-for-hire Agent 47 finding new and creative ways to do his deadly job.

Players score far fewer kills in Hitman 3 than in most M-rated action games, but the assassinations can be graphic and intense. We’re talking shooting, stabbing, poisoning, drowning, and more, all topped with realistic blood, gore, and cringe-worthy sound effects.

The story picks up where hitman 2 left off with agent 47 continuing his efforts to put a stop to the shady goings-on behind the closed doors of the assassination world. This takes place across multiple locations in the world and shows a lot of variation in the intelligently designed maps.

Hitman 3 game brings the story arc of the trilogy to a satisfying conclusion but the story feels as though it doesn’t matter at times because the gameplay of Hitman 3 is so impressive and immersive.

The core gameplay of Hitman 3 is what it always has been, get in assassinate your target, and get out without anyone ever knowing you were there.



Not only you find yourself using sound to distract your enemies but listening into conversations is all part of his charm. Some of these conversations contain useful information that leads to different opportunities and ways to take down your target.

The voice acting is great and agent 47 is as cold and calculating as ever. My one criticism is that sound effects on gunfire seem to be lacking in depth that’s not to say it’s bad it just doesn’t deliver anything special.

IO Interactive has barely changed the main screen menu system since hitman in 2016 and that’s a great thing because returning players will find them easy to get to grips, while new players to the franchise will also find him pretty easy.

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It’s exactly what hitman games should be with a slightly darker tone to the story and makes for a perfect end to a near-perfect trilogy.

The game loses nothing of what made the hitman game so popular with fans but improves on everything that the world of assassination has offered us to date.

It’s a tense game but one that reminds us that a game doesn’t have to involve wiping out hordes of enemies and blowing up everything inside to make it great.

Hitman 3 does everything it should do to takes us on a journey around the world. Gives us an amazing end to a conspiracy involving shady organizations.

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