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Marvel’s Avengers review: Madness of Multiplayers

A big thanks to Square Enix for providing such an amazing game. We absolutely needed this game to light a fire of hope.

The visuals of Marvel’s Avengers Video game look stunning. This game features excellent colour grading to complement its diverse cast of characters.

The voice acting and motion capture for the character has done so well that you can easily overlook some of the cringy dialogue because you’re too busy seeing how realistic these characters interact with one another in this fantasy world even though the cast features actors who voice these characters in other iterations, you can feel that they’re trying to inject more into this game.

Iron man plays as if you had control of him in the MCU movies. The Hulk has weight to accompany his unimaginable strength. Thor’s hammer feels like something that was forged from a dying star and Captain America gives you the perfect balance of power and agility.

All these characters feel crafted in a way that makes you want to play with each one of them in their own game.

The controller gives you the right amount of vibration to accompany their actions and the sound design is better than I ever would imagine. After playing the beta, one of the biggest complaints was that the game didn’t sound audacious enough. Anytime the avengers would plough through enemies, you just didn’t hear the sensational sounds you thought you should have.

Thankfully the actual game doesn’t have these problems. When you’re doing team takedowns on giant aim robots, you can hear each individual attack from the respective hero. Gotta give the developers credit for changing certain things like the secret caches.

One of the biggest issues I’ve noticed is that of temporal passing which is a method used for camera switching during cut scenes. Since different artefacts are found within each scene, it can be a little difficult for textures to load up on some of the characters leaving them with this smooth look that looks like they’ve been covered in oil.

This is something that can occasionally happen to any game, especially on consoles. It happened more than often in Marvel’s Avengers Video game and that’s what the game is being played at max settings on the ps4 pro. But other than that everything looks like what you’d expect from a crystal dynamics foundation engine. If you’re a fan of the environments they developed for the recent tomb raider games, then you’re gonna absolutely love the environments for this one stage that features forestry and look like they’re full of life.

Marvel’s Avengers is a very ambitious title that takes on a lot of challenges. The developers are juggling so much at once that they occasionally drop the ball which is something I suspected going in but considering that this is just the beginning.

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