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Interview of Kiriti

Interview of Kiriti : Taskara is India’s first hacker vigilante superhero

Today, we are going to give you Interview of Kiriti Rambhatla, the mind behind the origin of a unique telugu movie, Taskara which is garnering rave reviews from critics. The movie is now officially adapted into a graphic novel “Taskara” published by Fenil Comics.

Hello Kiriti, hope you are doing well. You have written the story of Movie Taskara and also have a role in the movie. Judging by the attention it is getting for being a unique story, and something haven’t been thought of before in Bollywood or Tollywood, we must ask you- How did you come up with the idea?
I have been a business & economics analyst for a European firm before I moved to India to pursue interests in Media & Entertainment. I was previously involved in business research and my work appeared in Forbes as well.  It was during this time, I had studied & researched the financial & economic systems in this world. There was a fundamental flaw in the way our financial systems worked. Hence, the idea for the character TASKARA was born to rectify the flaws. Since I grew up on Marvel, DC and Amar Chitra Katha , I always loved superheroes.  So the amalgamation of both became the origins of TASKARA, now India’s first hacker vigilante superhero.

And now, Taskara is being adapted into an official graphic novel. What came into your mind when you gave the green signal for adapting it in a comic book form?
I was already hosting a socio-economic talk show in Hyderabad for a satellite channel where the likes of Ram Gopal Varma etc appeared. It was during this time I wanted to create a character which was to be adapted into 360 degrees of entertainment ( Television, Movies, Comics, Web Series, Merchandising Video Games etc) . So when the opportunity to work with Mr. Fenil came, I was more than delighted to take the character into the world of comics. We wanted to make a character that was accessible through all platforms not just limited to motion pictures.

Is Taskara your first work? Have you written anything which was published in the past, before Taskara?
In academia and business research , my work has appeared in international publications. Then I wrote for a television talk show which I hosted that had elements of political economy, economics, finance & entertainment. Then I envisioned a character called TASKARA and wrote the story and screenplay for the movie. Taskara is my first work in the world of comics & graphic fiction. There are few more characters I have built which will hit the markets soon. Can’t talk about them now.

Why Fenil comics? How did you end up collaborating with Fenil Sherdiwala for adapting it into a graphic novel?
Mr Fenil Sherdiwala is a very energetic entrepreneur. His work in the world of comics began in 2010 and he was on the look out for new stories and characters. In this process , we connected and took this character to the next level.


What can the Indian comic book fans expect from you going further? Will you be writing more such stories or try your hands at writing comics?
Yes, two more character have already been designed and scripted. We will be launching them going forward. These characters like Taskara will also have their own television shows, movies, animation and merchandising.

The concept and the plot line of Taskara is something unique and fresh. Would you care to tell us when did the thought of becoming a writer dawned upon you?
As I mention earlier, I was a business /economics analyst and I was into research writing previously . So, whatever discrepancies existed in the theory of economics, finance & business became the strength of the character. These questions were already a point of discussion the business world . I thought it would be better to take these to a wider audience and hence became a writer as main stream media & entertainment did not have much writing in this area.


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Taskara Graphic Novel available at Fenil Comics Online Store


Our readers would like to know more about you. Could you tell us something about your past?
I was born in India. I hold a Baccalaureate in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. I was also a graduate of the Leadership program at London Business School and a diploma from MIT , USA in Strategy & Innovation. I lived and worked in North America, Europe, Africa and now South East Asia. Worked for firms like Indesit and was a former speaker at Tedx and European Commission. I have recently received membership to the Writers Guild of Great Britain.  In the M & E industry , I was associated with the TV9 group and hosted some of biggest movie stars and politicians on my talk show before.

What now? What are your future plans? More movies? Or would you like to jump into other forms of entertainment?
I have written many characters and stories which will come out at regular intervals in comics starting with Taskara. I would also be featuring in the live action formats of these characters in the future. I would like to ensure all my characters are well represented in all formats like graphic novel, television, movies, animation and video games . I have already been active in television, movies and now would like to explore the medium of web series for my characters.

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Interview of Kiriti


Do you read comics? If yes, what are your all time favourite comic book characters?
I have been a great fan of comics since childhood. My favourite characters are Superman & Batman in foreign comics. In Indian comics , I loved reading Chacha Choudhary as a kid.

Being a writer, is there any writer who has been influential in your decision to pursue this passion of yours? Anyone you idolized or look up to?
I look up H.G Wells. He is a writer who has cut across many genres and platforms . In the world of comics Stan Lee definitely for the longetivity of his career.  I would like to ( or dream of) being a combination of both, where I have the longetivity and the variety of both these legends.

Do you have any other hobbies? What do you indulge yourself in during your free time?
I love watching movies and I travel a lot. I read about world history and economics when I get some free time.

Would you like to say anything to your fans?
For people who like my work, I will keep pushing the boundaries of character building and novel story lines with my future work. Stay tuned !

Any good wishes for CulturePOPcorn?
Beautiful effort to cater of the pop culture of India. Culture Popcorn, I wish would become India’s biggest brand and information source for comic and pop culture in the coming years. My best wishes to the team.

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