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Cyber Shadow Review: 8-Bit Retro Action Experience

The narrative of Cyber Shadow is relatively ambiguous from the start. Your character’s shadow is awakened mid-recovery from a massive blast that has destroyed a whole city.

The mechanical legion informs you that your master and ninja clan require your help. As you journey through the remaining ruins you will butt heads with countless aggressive cybernetic enemies that have overrun the city.

Gameplay begins incredibly straightforward with only a jump and a sword attack, after you complete levels or certain missions you can obtain new attacks like the shuriken throw or upward flame strike.

These actions make up for the lack of directional sword attacks, special moves are typically initiated with a combination of the d-pad and strike button. The trade-off is there is a slight lack of maneuverability like crouching which forces you to jump and move more to avoid obstacles.

This only took some getting used to on my end and did add to the originality of the adventure. The same could be said for other moves in the game where your skills seem to evolve alongside shadows.

There are also temporary blade upgrades that can be game-changers, these extend your blade range or give you a shield to deflect long-range weapons.

On early levels, I managed to keep some of the upgrades until bosses which made the encounter infinitely easier.



I can see where die-hard platformers may find these upgrades turning early levels into a cakewalk but there are still plenty of challenges to be had even with these upgrades for the average player.

One of Cyber Shadow most impressive sections is its numerous bosses. Out of its 10 levels, there are usually two bosses for each stage. Later game bosses are massive and stand out both design-wise and from an overall gameplay standpoint.

I wasn’t expecting a very long game but was pleasantly surprised by the six to seven hours it took me to complete the main game.

Cyber shadow’s level designs are exceptional and well-paced in a later section of the game. You get to ride a motorcycle and control a mech suit, these completely change up your gameplay and took me by surprise.

Art and music design are fantastic and suit the 8-bit era that cyber shadow emulates as well as the atmosphere of the overall tech inspiration of its world.

Overall cyber shadow is a beautifully crafted retro action experience complete with formidable enemies and crushing precision platforming abilities like the bullet deflect and dash strike provides the classic ninja experience without overloading reused mechanics. On top of that, the length and replayability options give players a healthy serving of content.

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