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Xavi Origins : Witness The Struggle of Grounded Hero

New Indian comics book company called Dhansu Productions is launching their first issue called Xavi Origins : The Struggle. I have special preview copy to read and give my opinion about this upcoming graphic novel. Thanks to Yudhveer Dahiya for giving me such a groundbreaking story to read, I must say I really enjoy this one.

Let’s talk about Xavi Origins story, when a tragedy strikes young Xavi’s family when his mother is abducted and killed. Following which, Xavi‘s father sends him off to a boarding school. Due to little contact with his father and being forced to stay away, he becomes resentful of his dad.

After spending years away from home, when he finally returns, he finds things are far different from what he expected. His father is no longer the law-abiding citizen he once was. Even though their relationship is far from ideal, little does Xavi realize that his own motivations and outlook towards life are not too different from his father‘s. In this twisted world of power, will his struggles and choices against chaos help him see the light he desperately seeks… or will it only lead to more chaos?

Xavi Origins : The Struggle is story of an ordinary boy forced into extraordinary circumstances- A boy who refuses to live a life dictated by others. A Boy who has something else in mind, He is free and carrying rebel attitude with him. It would be pretty interesting what happens in next issue, because this is not your ordinary vigilante superhero tale, it’s more deeper than that. I believe this character is different from Batman, Daredevil, Punisher and other Vigilante superheroes.

Xavi Origins : The Struggle is written by Yudhveer Dahiya, pencils by Tadam Gyadu, Colors by Naval Thanawala, Letters by Kishan Harchandani, Cover InkDevmalya Pramanik and Colors of Cover by Yogesh R. Pugaonkar.


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