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Wonder Woman 1984 Review: Cheesy Wonder of 80s Era

Wonder Woman 1984

After months and months of delays due to COVID-19, DC finally released the highly anticipated WW84 aka Wonder Woman 1984 and it is… well… cool.

My opinions about the movie are mixed so without going heavy spoilers, let’s get started.

First, let’s talk about performance, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is a GODESS and excellent as Wonder Woman. Full of emotion, extremely likable, understood the character, and did a great job just like in the first movie, or you can say better than first.

Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord was kind of OK. I just want more of him! Although his character wasn’t developed that much and bit of a predictable personality. But you can still see he is having a blast playing him and is so entertaining.

Chris Pine is loveable as Steve and a nice character, but not more to do here for Chris Pine, just filling the shoes of Diana Prince love interest.

Kristen Wiig has some layers in Characters. After the first act, I kind of started hating on her character as Barbara, which was likable, with all of the cliché villain tropes she was taking.

When Cheetah shows up for a 2-minute fight at the climax her looks reminded me of the 2019s movie Cats, but I want more cheetah out of her, Screen presence of Cheetah was very limited, disappointed there.

If we talk about the story and the message Wonder Woman 1984 conveys, kind of felt like an MCEU Disney movie with its main theme of “nothing good is born from lies” and it’s vibrant.



Characters and looks, the progression of the main story are solid and pretty interesting, although it starts slow trying to explain a lot about the past and the present, the second act picks up the pace and it is way more entertaining and action-filled than the first act.

Fight scenes are great and really well done (Mall robbery being the best) and again Gal Gadot shows a lot of emotion in those scenes.

The visuals in Wonder Woman 1984 are really beautiful and astonishing, especially the fireworks scene, definitely worth seeing it on a big screen.

Wonder Woman 1984

When it comes to Writing, some moments could have been less cheesy and could have been written more deeply than they were in the movie. Pacing of WW84 sometimes a bit slow, sometimes a bit fast, not good, not bad.

In my opinion, the Opening sequence in Wonder Woman 1984 was pretty enjoyable but wasn’t really necessary at all since the first movie explained everything about Diana’s childhood.

In the end, I think that it could have been better like the trailers showed, but sadly it was not. Would recommend seeing it on a big screen for the lovely looks.