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Why the punisher is an anti hero : Everything you need to know

punisher is an anti hero

So the Punisher might be one of Marvel’s most popular and captivating comic book characters. But there is a whole lot of misinformation floating around regarding him, and given Frank Castle’s unique position in the Marvel universe, that makes sense. The Punisher is an anti hero in the Marvel universe that straight up kills people, but let’s try and uncover some truth and history about this calm, calculative, and cold grim reaper.

Frank Castle is dead. Call me the Punisher

A gritty, dark, badass gun tote and sort of hero who kills the bad and saves the good. Everybody knows Punisher is an anti hero, but let’s talk about his backstory. He’s a vet who went home, his family got killed, he avenged them, and after that, he couldn’t stop killing. However you think of Punisher, and whatever modifications your perception of him makes to his character, whether you think he loves killing or just hates bad people, he is who he is. His character hasn’t really changed in his time with comics.

Best Punisher Comics you should Read

There are several brilliant representations of the character, whether it be the 80s and 90s when he was just about killing and shooting and saying pretty cool, sometimes deep one-liners or quips, or the 2000s when Garth Ennis made both the Super Gritty and Dark Punisher MAX comics as well as the action-packed, hard boiled Marvel Knights Punisher, including Welcome Back Frank, that had a touch of dark humor and light-heartedness to the stories. Literally read any of these runs and you will see the same character: the Punisher, an antihero with a surprisingly good heart but a dark attitude and life.

Punisher Welcome Back Frank

Why the punisher is an anti hero : Origin

Although mainstream interpretations don’t call Punisher an anti hero but tell you that Frank Castle wasn’t an inherently violent man and that his path to vigilantism was birthed the moment that his family were killed, the reality is a little more nuanced.

Garth Ennis’s Punisher series is seminal for a whole host of reasons, but the key one is undoubtedly the writer’s decision to reappraise Frank Castle’s ideology.

This came in Punisher Born, which is considered one of the greatest Punisher tales ever and really made an effort to show the burgeoning moments of Frank’s Punisher self. Punisher Born represents the story of the punisher in vietnam war and his military training. That moment occurs during an attack on Valley Forge, where the then scout sniper is left as the sole survivor of an enemy ambush.

Ennis shows Frank making a metaphorical deal with the devil in order to survive, indicating heavily that the character’s path to vigilantism was formed in the fires of that battle. It’s a fascinating angle to consider, especially since more conventional interpretations have largely reiterated the primacy of his family’s murder in enforcing the character’s violent response.

The Punisher: Lone Wolf or Avenger?

Popular opinion would dictate that Frank Castle is something of a lone wolf, and for the most part, that is indeed the case. The punisher’s by no means a team player and has double crossed more superhero team-ups than one would care to mention. The character works best when placed next to Marvel heroes like Wolverine, Deadpool, Venom, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and more. The Punisher even crossed paths with Batman, the iconic character from DC Comics.

This dynamic was best displayed in season two of Daredevil, where Jon Bernthal really let loose with Castle as he verbally sparred with Matt Murdock on Hell’s Kitchen’s rooftop. An issue of Garth Ennis’ graphic novel Welcome Back Frank served as the inspiration for the scene. Daredevil is forced to justify his brand of vigilantism and the implications of it, and Castle has to operate in a community that outright shuns his methods.

Best Cinematic Adaptation of The Punisher

Punish War Zone is the best movie that shows Punisher is an anti hero on the big screen. Without a doubt, Thomas Jane might have delighted audiences with his authentic and more human portrayal of the marine veteran in the 2004 production, but the rest of the film is overhyped and underwhelming.

John Travolta is as kooky as ever as the film’s antagonist. The action is thin and interrupted by forgettable characters. Even if they were inspired by the graphic novel Welcome Back Frank written by Garth Ennis, despite the fact that Thomas Jane looks the part he’s never really given much to do with.

The Punisher Netflix

Ray Stevenson On the other hand, the star of Lexi Alexander’s film looks just like the castle in the Punisher MAX comics run by Garth Ennis and has the ice-cold demeanor to match. On top of that, Wayne Knight of Jurassic Park fame was the perfect Micro, and even Dominic West did well in the role of Jigsaw.

The film certainly has its flaws and is blown away completely by Bernthal’s efforts in The Netflix Show, but it’s still the best big-screen feature to have taken an interest in Frank Castle, or at the very least the most authentic.

Does Frank Castle have any superpowers that allow him to be an antihero?

No, Frank Castle does not have any superpowers. He is a highly trained vigilante who is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. His anti-hero status comes from his willingness to use extreme violence to achieve his goal of punishing criminals.

The Punisher is an anti hero and always will be

The Punisher is an anti hero, this status makes him so flexible within stories, and that adds layers and layers to his character that writers can explore. If he did kill innocent people instead of murderers and rapists, he’d just be a one-off, worthy character. That would practically be Marvel’s Deadshot, if you will.

It seems like all the Punisher has is that he doesn’t kill good guys, but to be honest, that is all he needs. Blending morals with a character who has all the attributes of a vicious killer adds everything that leads to the great stories we all love.

Punisher MAX by Garth Ennis

He is basic, and that means there is a lot of room for character development and/or varying storylines that can make him complex. It creates a world of possibility that can range from dark humor and violence to deep, genius character building. Although character of today might commonly be viewed as an anti-hero, he didn’t originally start off like that.

In fact, when Jerry Conway and John Romita first introduced the character in Amazing Spider-Man number 129, they painted him as an outright villain with a grudge against Spider-Man.

Later series would transform the character into The Punisher, as we know it today. While the characterization has remained relatively consistent, it’s easy to forget that he was originally introduced as a Spider-Man foe and not as the most morally complex vigilante that we know today.

Welcome Back, Frank Castle

Yes, we all know that the punisher is called Frank Castle, but did you actually know that he was born Francis Castiglione. The character is actually of Sicilian descent and even trained to be a Catholic priest until he decided that he couldn’t forgive criminals and other evildoers.

Castle’s religious background also adds another dynamic to his relationship with Daredevil. It’s a small detail, and while Frank Castle is a brilliant name in every sense, the character’s Sicilian background is all too often overlooked in regards to the character being used as a critique of the American dream.

Punisher Skull Change

Impact on Real World

The Punisher is an anti hero, He is not your typical Marvel hero; he kills coldly without remorse and often does so in grotesque and even sadistic ways. That makes him a fascinating character to dissect in the sense that he’s diametrically opposed to popular perceptions of what it means to be a hero.

But all too often, we see people idolize Frank Castle as a symbol of resistance power and ideological purity. There’s nothing wrong with liking frank; after all, he is a uniquely entertaining and wholly absorbing character to engage with. However, there is a massive problem at play here when so many people fundamentally misread the character that they place him above others as the ideal superhero to celebrate rather than castigate.

Due to Castle’s oversimplified and distinctively callous ideology, which places little value on human life in the pursuit of justice, we have observed that police officers and military units have adopted the character’s symbolism in real-world settings.