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Vigilante Justice is Yali Dream Creations next: an Exclusive Interview with it’s Founder

We CulturePOPcorn are very excited to presents you an exclusive interview of Yali Dream Creations Founder Asvin Srivatsangam. He shared Yali’s current projects, Caravan’s film adaptation, upcoming Vigilante superhero project and lot’s more. Check it out, exclusive chit-chat with Asvin himself.

Hey Asvin, First of all thanks for this interview. Tell us how did it all begin?

You are welcome. Well, my early childhood was spent in Brazil. I spent a lot of time watching the Hanna-Barbara and other cartoons of those times. I would pester my parents to illustrate some of the characters and I would copy from their art work. Thus, began my early influencers into the world of comics. And then when I was in my teens I created my first story of a world set in the future. In 2010, I collaborated with my friend Ashok Rajagopalan and created my first graphic novel called “The Dynast.” It is a story of felines and other animals after the age of Man, and it was designed in a Eurocentric world.

Though you live in the U.S. how did you think about producing and publishing Graphic Novels in India?

Although I had created a couple of graphic novels before I created “Yali Dream Creations”, I really wanted to create India-related stories steeped in the different Indian cultures. I also realized that India is young market and comic books/ graphic novels can find a huge market.


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Why and how did you choose Shamik Dasgupta?

In 2012, I was looking to create India content. With that intent I was communicating with Indian publishers, artists and writers. With Shamik Dasgupta I felt I had identified the right collaborator. He is a known writer, he knows the pulse of the readers, and most importantly we shared the same vision to create high quality comic books under the banner of Yali Dream Creations.

What are your upcoming titles? What should your fans look forward to?

For 2016, we will be releasing The Caravan Blood War series as a single omnibus in Hindi. Our OGN – The Caravan will see a sequel this year. Aside from these we will be introducing a new title, a superhero story called “RAKSHAK”.

Rumors are that soon Caravan will get official film adaptation, is it true?

The rumors are indeed true. A young Mumbai based movie production house has bought the rights.

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Caravan is for mature readers, why don’t you publish kids friendly superhero comics and why is there so much dark and mature content in your books?

Not everything that we have published so far has been dark and gory. Devi Chaudhurani for example is for all the readers. Although, I do concur with you that most of our titles are for mature readers. We have been around for only for 3 years and we look forward to bring a lot of variety.

Where you see Yali Dreams Creations in competition?

Yali Dream Creations is neither behind or ahead in the race. In other words, we are not competing with anyone. We have our agenda and we are pursuing that. I know nothing lasts forever. Same thing applies in the competition if there is one here. But I want to have Yali Dream Creations (YDC) to have a legacy that lasts for a long time. I trust we are walking on that path towards to get there.




Logo of Yali’s upcoming Superhero Project: Rakshak. 


We have heard that your upcoming project is superhero story, could you tell us more about it?

It’s a vigilante story like DareDevil and Punisher. We have kept the storyline as realistic as possible. The hero has no special super powers. The story takes place in New Delhi, India. We have named the story – RAKSHAK. I would be telling you more about the story by mid June. By the way, the first issue will be out in mid June!

What is the future of Indian Comics in coming years?

I think and I hope it will be brighter [smiles].



From left to right: Shamik Dasgupta, Kishan Harchandani and Asvin Srivatsangam at ComicCon Delhi 2016

What do you do when you are not working?

Catching up with life [Grins].
I have my day job as a UI designer with a Global company here in Sillicon Valley, California. My job keeps me very busy. When I am not working I spend time with my family and friends. I also make time to brainstorm/discuss ideas with Shamik and rest of comic book team to create new content for our readers. I have recently developed an interest in photography, which I try to pursue it whenever I can.

What message do you have for your fans?

Be patient with us. We are a very young and a small company.And for those who have supported us, my heart felt deep gratitude. Your love humbles us, and your expectation keeps us motivated.

So this was Asvin, with his future plans, hope we will see lot’s of actions this year from Yali Dream Creations. If you enjoy reading this interview, please share your thoughts and comments below.