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Thor : Asgardian God of Thunder


Thor is the child of Odin, who was the father himself of the Asgardian Gods, as well as the senior goddess named as Gaea, he was elevated to be God of Thunder in addition to the beneficiary to the honored position. As the Asgardian God of Thunder, he orders the thunder, the lightning the breeze and every one of the components of the tempest with his mallet Mjolnir. He battled and was Made mortal and given the type of the impeded human specialist Donald Blake, Thor realized what it resembled to be little and fragile and how to be modest and genuinely respectable regardless of being mortal.

Thor’s extraordinary physiology of half-Asgardian and Half Elder God stipends him the average forces of an Asgardian God yet he is significantly more grounded than the run of the mill individuals from his race. As indicated by his dad, Odin, Thor is not at maximum capacity yet but rather when he is, Thor will be significantly more effective than he is.

He has been expressed to be the most effective being on Earth and a standout amongst the most capable saints in the Marvel Universe. He’s regularly expressed to be the overwhelming hitter on the Avengers group close by his adversary the Hulk.




He is among the Avengers that joins the battle against the Builders amid Infinity. One of his key minutes came when Captain America had handpicked Thor to arrange a tranquil surrender with the Builders. In spite of the fact that Thor had turned into a noteworthy defender of Earth, he chose to stay on Asgard for a period with a specific end goal to fill the hole that his dad’s nonappearance had cleared out. Hela reviled him for death, and Thor in the long run needed to wear defensive layer keeping in mind the end goal to secure his now fragile bones because of the scourge of Hela.

He consents to this and tosses Mjolnir into space. The Builder orders him to stoop before him or else look as whatever is left of Thor’s partners be pulverized. He joined his kindred Avengers to fight Thanos later on, who had attacked Earth while the Avengers were gone helping out the Builders.