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The Willoughbys Movie : Fun Animated Film about a Fun Animated Family


The Willoughbys Movie was an exceptionally good movie and offered a fair few different and unique parts to animation that I haven’t seen before. I actually really enjoyed this.

I loved the style of animation and the narration from Ricky Gervais throughout and the voice cast. The film’s interesting perspective of family and the good themes were really appreciable. Let’s talk about this more in detail.

The film’s style of animation was really different to other films. The whole voice cast was fantastic as well. People like Maya Rudolph and Terry Crews have such distinct voices. They were the perfect choice for an animated film and both characters were great fun throughout.

Ricky Gervais was also fantastic and his narration throughout The Willoughbys Movie was one of the key standouts for me, he bought a lot of humour and developed the story well at a brisk pace that kept it enjoyable and easy to follow throughout. The film also managed to build a great story world throughout.

The film’s likeable characters and charming tone, the film’s soundtrack and the satisfying ending. Everything was good. The film’s fun songs fitted in with the tone of the movie perfectly and the fantastic voice of Alessia cara really added a lot to some of the songs and was absolutely beautiful to listen to. Adding onto my previous point due to the likeable characters the whole film had an oddly charming tone that didn’t go away.

The Willoughbys Movie was fairly generic and there were few odd creative decisions and the story is pretty rushed, and it would’ve been a lot better if they would have made it a little longer.

But, The Willoughbys Movie tackled sensitive issues well leading to many heart-warming moments and by the end I felt like I knew the world of the movie and the characters within it.