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The One Abhimanyu Review : Stunning Visual with Brilliant Storytelling

The One Abhimanyu, is the first historical fantasy graphic novel being released by the popular platform MythTower Entertainment in March of 2018. The adventure novel features the epic tale of Abhimanyu, a boy who is reveled for being a great warrior.

At merely 16 years of age, Abhimanyu was taught the ways of war by Krishna, the God of War, so he could lead a heroic assault on the Chakravyuha. With no knowledge of the road ahead and only his sheer willpower and determination to keep him going, Abhimanyu did what was needed of him in a heroic tale of adventure and bravery.

In the year 3137 BC, good and evil were at an end as a war was emerging, one that would shake the souls of all men, and one that was meant to achieve righteousness, to achieve the Dharma. The war of the Kurukshetra, known as “The Mahabharata”, would decide the fate of the Kaurava and the Pandava.




Krishna, the Lord of the Universe, looked down on the war, and chose the young teenage warrior Abhimanyu as his disciple, to learn the ways of war and consequently bring about the end of the Mahabharata so that Dharma could be achieved.

Abhimanyu’s existence was detrimental to the Mahabharata. He was born with the knowledge of the war’s importance and battle structure, gifted with the knowledge while still in his mother’s belly as his father Arjuna recited the tales of war and battle formations of his past.


The One Abhimanyu Review


His mother would only remain awake for the relevant details of the battle formation but fell asleep later on, leaving Abhimanyu with the information of getting into the Chakravyuh, but not knowing the dangers and hardships he’d have to face in the process.

As he grew into a 16-year-old teen, Abhimanyu became a warrior in the noble quest of continuing his father’s brave legacy. It would only be a matter of time when he achieved that goal, as he finally becomes a pivotal presence in the history of the Mahabharata with his physical prowess, chivalry and battle skills that left even the gods filled with awe.




MythTower Entertainment takes pride in the rich mythical history of the Indian culture, and bring it to life in this latest graphic adaption, The One Abhimanyu at one the most popular legendary myths of a true warrior. The characters all have deep backstories full of interests and intrigue, and the overall setting of the novel is one of exciting adventure and suspense as readers can tag along for the journey.

The One Abhimanyu CulturePOPcorn

The One Abhimanyu comes in paperback, hardcover and variant editions, all of which have been positively received by the target audience at affordable prices. The money is well-spent as one embarks on this imaginative and mystical story with The One Abhimanyu. Needless to say, it is a story that shouldn’t be missed.


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