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The Old Guard Movie : enjoyable immortals without being memorable

The Old Guard Movie is at its best when defying expectations. Clever little film entertaining from start to finish. Movie really bends your mind. Tight storytelling, great action, warm and distinct characters.

The action is well-directed and the movie could just sail by on those merits alone, but director Gina Prince-Bywood and writer Greg Rukka (upon whose comics the film is based) provide a believable undercurrent of emotional depth in the connecting scenes.

One on one fighting was choreographed beautifully, even though some scenes felt cliché.

The Old Guard Movie characters were well cast and developed in a realistic way. I liked how they appeared like no super heroes, just humans with a very, very long life.

Charlie Theron is watchable and as usual gorgeous! Best in this genre! Good action! Nice theme from a mythology.

Acting was excellent and the best part from the movie. Pace was great and I actually loved the quirky soundtrack. We can say, it’s a fun action movie, and the premise can carry interest a long way, even if it ultimately feels unfulfilled.

The Old Guard Movie is an enjoyable time-passer, story, choreography, cinematography, casting, acting. Although no specific budget is yet known, the director quotes in an interview that it cost 10 times her previous movie, at $7 million.

All in all,The Old Guard Movie is a good movie to watch and a bit different, more human, than most “supernatural” action movies, too. Appreciated the concept and the story provided a good foundation for future movies/series. Waiting for the second part.

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