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The Last Phantom Review : Legend not Concluded

The Last Phantom

I just read The Last Phantom, it was pending in my wish list from long time. Phantom is oldest Superhero of the World, it’s almost 80 years of Phantom and still he is ruling the heart of fans. History of Phantom is legendary, so my expectation with this story was quite high.

There might be some spoiler in this review, but not major. Before trying your hands in this run, keep in mind story arc not concluded. Dynamite Entertainment stopped publishing The Last Phantom in 2012 without complete story.

Let’s talk about story, it’s quite OK story, not much impressive. Kitridge Walker, the current heir of Phantom legacy, not doing superhero stuff anymore. He is bald, multi billionaire and left his legacy behind. Kit carry his Phantom’s mark rings and guns with him in a folder case, incase if he need Phantom. Anyway, Kit’s one trusted employee, Peter Quisling, has evil desire to fit into shoes of Kit, and he got plan too.


While Walker flight for charity ball in America, Quisling believes that he has wiped out Walker by planting a bomb on his private plane, yet in spite of the plane detonating while entering Bengali airspace. Walker family get killed but somehow walker survives and found his loved ones dead.

With the help of some fruits juice, kit become legend, the ghost who walks again, The Phantom. Now Phantom’s quest of revenge begin along with flashback of his father. Whole story is all about his revenge, Phantom travel places to places and this storyline situated more in Urban Jungle instead of Bengala Jungle. I cannot say much about ending of story, because it’s not concluded.

The last phantom is quite a decent story, but major negative point is incomplete story, which leave you no where. You can say that it’s Video Game where you can enjoy side missions but you cannot complete main mission. I read this run because I am big fan of Phantom, he is truly first Superhero of the world. Another reason is Alex Ross Covers, each cover is absolute eye candy masterpiece.

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