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The Last Asuran : Volume 1 – Bite Marks One Shot Review

The Last Asuran

The Last Asuran Bite Marks is latest one shot from Holycow Entertainment. Where do I begin… shall I start with the beginning of Ram V’s creativity with Aghori, or may be something about Grafitty’s Wall, or about These Savage Shores? It has been a terrific journey by this writer that I am fortunate enough to have followed, and he is doing a star-studded job of it all.

The Last Asuran Bite Marks from HCE is yet another jewel in the crown, not just for Ram, but also for the creatives who worked on it. I will not go into the details of the storyline, but it is set before the events which turned Vira into Aghori. The Last Asuran a.k.a Desh is an adopted kid who doesn’t do much except fight. And he fights well. That is possibly an understatement.

Anyways, there is this gangster who stumbles into Desh when Desh is just a baby abandoned by his parents. This gangster takes care of Desh, brings him up, and when he is all grown up starts sending him on missions for his benefit. On one such mission Desh realizes that the people he is after are actually not humans but something else. An awesomely choreographed fight scene ensues between his captors and that is when Desh’s true form is revealed. And “Bite Marks” in the title of this issue does have a major significance in this storyline, and who knows may be in other storylines too!

Who is Desh? Who is this Last Asuran? I was terrifically surprised when there is another reveal (well, actually a partial reveal) in the storyline about the origins of Desh. And I was able to connect this other character to the protagonist of These Savage Shores. My goodness, that is something I never expected.

By the way, if you have been reading the Aghori series of comics right from the beginning, the stories have already revealed two immortals. The third immortal appears in this issue of The Last Asuran. Guess who?

The artwork on this issue is simply stupendous. Vivek’s artwork is impressive. The thing that got me excited was the fight-scenes choreography and the way Gaurav has drawn it out of the park. This entire issue, from beginning to end, is a treat to gaze at and read too; just flows like an action-packed movie.

And, one more thing… the center-spread of this issue is absolutely stunning! I will not be posting a pic of this center-spread because I want you to see it while holding a copy of this issue in your hands. It’s kick-ass! Prasad’s coloring compliments the art styles and the various scenes beautifully. He hasn’t disappointed me yet!.

There is so much going on within this The Last Asuran Vol. 1 Bite Marks issue and there is so much more to come. There are so many connections happening across the HCE storylines. You don’t want to miss this. If you have any doubts whatsoever with this book, cast those doubts away and just buy it, this just beats everything that came before.