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The Invisible Man Movie : Visibly tense psychological thriller

The Invisible Man Movie

The Invisible Man Movie is the first good horror movie of 2020 that I’ve seen. This film is seriously great. Leigh Wahnnell knows how to direct and craft a movie. He directs this film with a great amount of skill. Whilst the film isn’t scary as such, it does make up for it by being made by a director who cares who about the genre.

Leigh Whannell does well building tension throughout the movie. The successful integration of sound and music adds to the palpable terror felt by the movie goers and enhances Elizabeth Moss’s portrayal of a shattered person.

Elizabeth Moss is terrific. She carries this film and delivers the best performance of a 2020 released film so far this year. She is also a likeable character you root and care for. I think how the film recreates an iconic character and brings it into the modern day is equally as impressive.

It’s genuinely a terrifically made film. The lack of jump scares is a great choice as well. The Invisible Man Movie is slightly predictable apart from a couple of surprises. However it doesn’t take away from the film. Although it would have been a much cooler movie, if the trailers weren’t showing too much right from a very impressive start, the film hooks you, right into the very end.

Although it starts of a bit slow, it quickly picks up. The level of intensity was high and kept you at the edge of seat. There were, however, several jump scares and moments with loud music that didn’t need to be there to make the film scary, as the plot was already sufficiently tense. Furthermore, I found that the ending of the film was out of character for Cecilia.

As far as flaws go, there are some plot holes or some things which don’t make a lot of sense but that is full and far between. There are actually some amazing sequences in here especially a brilliant once in a psych ward against a bunch of armed officers. If your wanting to see a horror, then maybe stay clear. If your after a sunspensful thriller with a few jumps, then this is the movie for you.