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The Autopsy of Jane Doe : Clever and Creepy as Hell

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a 2016 American supernatural horror film starts with A father (Brian Cox) and Son (Emile Hirsch) who are both coroners have a unidentified body turn up at there morgue, the unidentified female was found at a mass murder scene by a local sheriff. The sheriff tells them he needs to know what happened to her by the end of the night so they get to work.

With strange things that start to happen during the girls autopsy who has been labeled as Jane Doe this film develops into a horror mystery so much so you can’t take your eyes off the screen. I loved The Autopsy of Jane Doe. It has all the right ingredient to make a creepy horror movie. No cheap jump scares, the director uses cleaver slow build up of tension and horror.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe has Insidious vibe to it. I also did not care for the ending, but the ride up to that point was totally worth it. It’s very different with a really compelling story. I especially liked how realistic the autopsy scenes were. The dad seemed professional and genuine…not like an actor. He treated his job seriously.

It’s also worth noting the actress (Olwen Catherine Kelly) who played Jane Doe. Maintaining complete stillness on a hard steel table without visible breathing for long periods of filming (sometimes hours at a time) is very challenging. Her part was quite impressive!





The witch shown in The Autopsy of Jane Doe had many ways to kill them, as she did with the elder couple. The elder couple probably thought the same thing with the father and son – everything that happened was her doing- and tried to bury her, so she killed them. This witch doesn’t like the death. She went a lot of pain so if someones tried to kill her, she hurt him/her back. She doesn’t want her misery to end and she refused to die. Then police took her to the protagonists.

The witch had many chances to kill them, yet she didn’t kill them at all. She wanted something else. These two were to close to the truth like none else before. She kept them alive. And thats what my theory for her motive begins. Austins theory was revenge. But i don’t think so. If she wanted revenge she would have killed them from the very beginning. She was hurting while they were opening her up. Maybe she endured it all so they can found out about her. She wanted to be resurrected. It was the only way to stop her pain since she couldn’t die. Not revenge.

And someone HAD to offer himself to her. Or else she would have already been resurrected already. When Austins father, offers himself to her, she gladly accepts and he goes through all the torture she went through. Slowly she heals herself back. That was her ritual. . . And then Austin decided to put his father out of his misery. And maybe with that way, he stoped her ritual from being completed. The witch got angry and killed him. She was coming back to life, her eyes had returned to normal, and then Austin stoped the ritual.

So she remains an her original state. Healed up, but dead on the outside. Her eyes became blur again. Her ritual was to put someone else in her place, slowly taking his body first and then his soul (Austin tilled his father so his soul wasn’t taken by her). Personally i think the movie explains a lot of things if you think carefully. I see many people complaining why she was killed, when, who etc. Thats not the point of the movie.




And as Austin father said that as coroners , their standard role is to confirm and certify the death of an individual, how she/he died. NOT why and not from whom. Plus they couldn’t have known who did it anyway since the movie revolves around their house and only. Also its pretty obvious who killed her. Some religious people judging from the way she was killed.

Even in nowadays there are people that believe in witches. So I think The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a nice movie. Not horrible but not a masterpiece either. But good enough to spend the night watching a horror film. The jump scares were great and the actor of Jane doe was awesome. Her corpses eyes were stunning.