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Superman: Red Son movie is Mediocre animated adaptation of great elseworlds tale

Superman: Red Son

This is Superman: Red Son Movie movie review. I approach the movies I watch with an open mind on how they stand on their own. In the case of adaptions, I will make remarks on how things work differently from the source material but I do not work on the assumption that changes are bad.

Superman: Red Son Movie is based on the 3-Part 2003 comic of the same name. The art style is roughly the same as the comic, but in 3D in some places, and the art is probably the best thing that transferred over.

Some quotes in movie were directly taken out from the comic, but their placement in the story wasn’t always well thought out. For example there was a line about a ‘bloodless’ revolution in the comic that worked there because it was bloodless revolution in the comic, but it’s not so in the movie, and so is out of place and makes Superman look delusional.

The plot of Superman: Red Son Movie goes off in different directions for the various reasons and is loosely tied to points in the comic. Ultimately the movie could have used more care to pull it all together and keep the plot intact, and ditch the DC stuff.

I must say the animation, voices and effects are ok for a direct-to-video movie. The most recent movies actually feel better, despite their penny-pinching budget.

Probably the most glaring issue in the movie is the omission of the last few pages of the 3rd episode of the comic. If you want to get the best Superman Red Son experience, go read the 2003 graphic novel. They should have made it like the comic.