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Round Table Superheroes Social Conference Part 1

Welcome to Superheroes Social Conference Part 1. Picture a round table conference. What comes to mind? Business Executives or High Powered Politicians talking important stuff, right? Now picture something completely different. Imagine that this is a round table conference, except all the super heroes are having a discussion.

Take a pause and let this sink in. Think that all the superheroes have transcended their respective comics Universe and are out in the real world, talking as us Humans do.

But what would they talk about in Superheroes Social Conference? Sports? Politics? Films? How would such a scenario pan out? Hard to tell and even harder to believe.

But now, one of our intrepid reporters at has access to what he claims “An insider’s view” that such a Superheroes Social Conference did take place.

Below are excerpts from this “alleged” meeting. (The reporter does not wish to reveal his identity) This meeting took place at an unidentified location in the country. The Reporters does not wish to reveal the location of this Superheroes Social Conference. I hope you understand. The only thing which we can reveal at this moment is that it is in a warehouse, which is dark and which is near the sea.  Read on Below to find what happened.

[Enter Nagraaj, the First Raj Comics Superhero]

Nagraj: Hey, where is everybody? Am I the first one to come to this meeting? Damn it! What do the other guys think of themselves?

[Gets angry and punches some numbers on his Smartphone]

Nagraj: Hey Dhruva, what’s this yaar? Why isn’t there anyone in the room?

[There is some inaudible clatter on the other end. Nagraj shakes his head in agreement and ends the call. There is a loud BOOM in the room and suddenly all the snakes inside Nagraaj are placed on high alert, with Nagraaj himself assuming a Kung fu pose, taught to him by his gurus. It is Doga, the notorious dog-masked super hero]

Doga:  What is this? This was supposed to be a round table conference or something. Where are the other guys?

Nagraj: Relax, Doga Bhai, the others will join us soon. Just put the safety catch on your Uzi. We do not want people to get scared [Gives Doga a wink]

Doga: Keep the advice to yourself buddy. I will keep my gun the way I want to. Anyway, my style of crime fighting is a bit different. I believe in uprooting the crime and not solve it, like the way you do. And anyway, who fights crime with snakes? I mean, are those even real?

[Points to the snakes hissing from Nagraaj’s wrist. This taunt makes Visarpi angry and she comes out with eyes blazing from Nagraaj’s body]

Visarpi : What did you just say, dogface?

[Doga aims the Uzi towards Visarpi and is ready to press  the trigger of the UZI]

Nagraj : Woah, woah, stop, there, buddies! We are supposed to be on the same side here. Visarpi, just take a chill pill and go back inside. Doga Bhai, watch it, there are indeed snakes in my body.

[Visarpi gives Doga the “look” and goes back inside Nagraj’s body. Doga Scoffs, but since he is wearing a mask, the scoff sounds more like a dog’s whimper. As if on cue, Chacha Chaudhary enters with Billu in tow]

Nagraj: Welcome, Chacha ji, Welcome! And, Billu, my friend, how are you?

[Before Chacha Chaudhary could answer, Doga interrupts]

Doga: What! Who is this guy? He seems like a thousand years old! And who is this guy with the funny hair? I did not know that we invited monuments also [Guffaws like a dog]

Nagraj: Doga, Bhai, control yourselves! Do you know even know who he is? He is the famous…. [ gets interrupted by Chacha Chaudhary]

Chacha Chaudhary:  Beta, you look so angry. May I know why?

Doga :  I am not talking to you, old man!  Take a seat or you will probably break a bone or two from just standing.

[Nagraj is about to retort with a “befitting” reply to Doga, when there is a roar from a motorbike and enters the Dynamic Super Commando Dhruva]

Nagraj : What took you so long, man? The Situation is getting a bit out of hand here. [Gives a cold look to Doga, who in turn just shrugs.]

Super Commando Dhruva: Here, Chacha ji.. I got this mask for you. Just as you requested.

[Nagraj gives a look of surprise, while DOGA, as usual, shrugs his shoulders]

At this critical moment, the battery of the Intrepid Reporter gave way and he had to replenish it with another one. However, this created a time lag and therefore, the rest of the details in the meeting are not available currently. We apologize for this inconvenience and will be back soon.



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