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Why our Society Needs Doga, Vigilante Superhero

Why our Society Needs Doga, Vigilante Superhero, Wait, what? You must be pinching yourselves in disbelief, right? Why would our society ever need a comic book character? Readers who are familiar with DOGA would know what the dog-masked vigilante stands for – DOGA is court and judge, he delivers the verdict and then the punishment, in one fell swoop.

The Method of his punishment is well known – he pumps bullets into the person’s  body who is unfortunate  enough to invite his wrath, and ends the discussion, once and for all. His motto – uproot, and not solve the problem. His Hunting Ground is Aamchi Mumbai and he prowls the streets in the night- the time when the criminal underbelly of the city is at its most active and spiteful best, pun intended!

For the uninitiated Doga is Vigilante Superhero, with no superpowers. He relies only on his brutish strength, his ability to communicate with Dogs (Hence the name DOGA) and his scary armory of ultra-sophisticated weapons.

[one_half]Though many would argue otherwise, his alter-ego is Suraj, not vice-versa, in my opinion. DOGA, as per me is the real deal. Suraj is his day-time, more civilized (read meek) avatar, working out in his beloved Adrak Chacha’s gym.

Suraj is the one who observes the rampant corruption which plagues Mumbai and DOGA is the one who goes about removing it, though his methods are not entirely lawful. Reading DOGA can be both – liberating and overwhelming at the same time.


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The DOGA comic book series can be thought of as the closest to reality than its other counterparts (Nagraaj, Dhruva) Any typical DOGA comic book will detail an issue which the general public have experienced for themselves – whether be it 26/11, biker gangs, rabid corruption et al. DOGA is able to thwart all of this and is able to save the day with his might and well, gun-power. Complete credit has to be given to the makers of the comic book, for portrayal of the angst felt by the common man through the medium of this comic book series.

Most of us have experienced corruption in our daily lives – whether be it the policeman blatantly asking for bribes at the signal or the government babu shamelessly asking for commission to move our file, we have experienced the anguish of it all.

The common thought that goes through our mind when we are unlucky enough to face it – “Kyu na mai apni chappal nikaal ke peet doon saale ko?

But then all of us succumb to the finality of it, “ Kaam aise hi hota hai, Sau mein assi beimaan, phir bhi desh mahaan” , accepting the inevitability of it all.

Don’t you feel there should be a vigilante like DOGA who would come to our rescue in such a situation, who will just uproot this plague of our society?

I will argue that DOGA is not a human being, but it is an emotion that we all feel against all the wrong doings that happen in our society. Remember the rage we all felt when Mumbai was ravaged by Terrorists on that dreadful night of 26/11, remember the extreme sadness which we felt in our inability to do anything but only pray for Nirbhaya? Remember the disappointment which we all felt when one of the perpetrators got away, almost scot free?



[one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 10px”]Did not you feel the need for DOGA, who would have just uprooted the problem at its roots?

To me, Doga, Vigilante Superhero is the summation of everything below and frankly, the need of the hour :

  • DOGA is an ambition, the ambition that our society will eventually develop into a just and fair place which will reward the meritorious and mete out justice to the guilty.
  • DOGA is an inherent fear in the mind of the criminal that he will not be spared if he does any wrong-doing.
  • DOGA is the recognition that our society though not utopian, has the potential to improve for the better.


  • DOGA is the cognizance that there will be disagreements between sections of our society and that we will resolve them using debates, and not violence!
  • DOGA is the all-inclusiveness that we already have amongst us, but are not able to demonstrate due to actions of some selfish individuals.

Finally, Doga, Vigilante Superhero is us, the common man, who though being common, has the potential to achieve greatness!

I do not aim to preach, but maybe through this medium, hope to send the message  about the need of DOGA in our society.