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Simple Anatomy by Dheeraj Verma

Simple Anatomy by Dheeraj Verma

Simple Anatomy by Dheeraj Verma: Since the turn of the last century, having watched the rise of the comic book era and the adventures of batman and robin and after ogling at the awesome creations of Stan lee, a lot of young hearts have recently turned their attention to comic book illustrations and story writing. The gifted artists of the present day want to come up with the most revolutionary comic book characters and the stories to compliment their larger than life personalities.

While these prodigal comic visionaries have been able to come up with extremely complex and amazingly story driven universes for their characters but alas they get stuck trying to illustrate their envisioned characters due to their lack of understanding of the human form and anatomy.

In lieu of the aforementioned, shortcomings of young illustrators in understanding the intricacies of the human anatomy, Mr. Dheeraj Verma, one of the most respected comic artist of this generation; having illustrated for multiple comic titles like lady death, transformers, and many others. And having the most astute understanding of the human anatomy, would like to present to you the most revolutionary book on anatomy that one can hope to find in the markets: Simple Anatomy by Dheeraj Verma.

Anyone facing problems visualising human figures in different postures, pose-angles and perspectives, would find Simple Anatomy by Dheeraj Verma, powerful yet Simple book on human anatomy, really helpful in their illustrative endeavours. Simple Anatomy by Dheeraj Verma, intended to cater to the beginner, intermediate as well as advanced level learners presents every instruction in the simplest and the most universal way possible so that it can bring out the best from within the reader.

Through multiple secrets, shortcuts, unique techniques and mantras, one would use Simple Anatomy by Dheeraj Verma book to become a master of illustrating the human being in all its grace and glory, doing which, one would grow as an artist and a human being, oneself.




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Mr. Dheeraj Verma has shared, all the years of hardwork, techniques and knowledge that he has amassed in the last quarter of the century as an artist in the comic book industry, through his book, Simple Anatomy by Dheeraj Verma. View on Kickstarter.