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Why you should start reading comics

OK, so you’ve been bugged since ages by your geeky friend to give comics a chance and pick up a book. Or maybe you recently watched “Deadpool” at the theatre and want to know more about this character who likes to break the 4th wall and is one hilarious mofo! But you still need some more motivation to go to the nearest comic book store and pick up something that matches your taste OR go to Comixology to make an account and start reading comics digitally on your tablet or smartphone. Well, this article’s what you need at the moment! Here are 5 reasons why you SHOULD check out some comics!


Comics provide instant escapism from your monotonous routine. After a hard day’s work at the office, complimented by a couple of assignments to finish off at home, a quick 22 page story chronicling the adventures of your favorite superhero is exactly what you need before dozing off to slumber. It’ll freshen you up and guarantee you a good sleep. It always works for me!

Make new friends

You’ll meet new people in comic shops as well as on several forums and message boards on the Internet, who share the same interests as you. You will have a really good time having a chat with a likeminded individual about the weekly exploits of your favorite characters.


There’s this event which is like the Superbowl of comic world! It’s a paradise for a comic book fan as he/she can meet their favourite artists, buy books on huge bulk discounts, meet and interact with fellow comic fanatics and catch the sneak previews of upcoming flicks before everyone else.

Reading ability

One thing comics have helped me in in honing my reading ability. Having read comics all my life, I have got the hang of the English language quite well and it has ultimately aided me in my interviews and GDs. I have unknowingly learnt thousands and thousands of words while reading comics that have helped me in communicating with people over the years, be it verbally or in written manner.

The attached emotions

The anticipated wait for a new comics set, the moment when you get your hands on it, the smell of freshly opened comic book pages, the feeling when you return home with a stack of comic books, switch ON the cooler to tackle the prickly heat of the Summer, tear open a pack of Lay’s and start reading a comic book, lying on your bed- Absolute bliss!