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Experience of Reading Comics Digitally in Apple iPad

I am hardcore comic book fan and I have huge collection of comic book and I really enjoy reading comics specially Batman and Punisher. But here in India most of comics are not available if they are, their price tag is so expensive, so I recently purchased iPad because it was so long pending in my wishlist and I want it for Reading Comics Digitally.

For reading comics digitally, I installed several apps from app store but after doing research I finally found amazing highly recommended app called Chunky Comic Book Reader.

I am pretty satisfied and it’s really amazing experience of reading comics digitally in iPad, just open any comic book into this reader and flip your iPad to get actual page size feel of a comic. Chunky comic book reader is very user friendly with different area touch functions like if you want to flip page simply touch in right side or left side, if you want to go into library, touch on centre, for zoom out double touch into any area you want to zoom and there are lot’s of other functions as well, I am still exploring this reader.

One more plus point of this reader is that it automatically create folder tree according to story arc and it shows which ones are unread, which one you are currently reading and which one you finished. You can also delete whole story arc by touching on name of story arc around 2-3 seconds.

Reading comics digitally is amazing experience for me, if you are traveling, you don’t need to carry heavy story arc with you, just put all the comics you are interested in your mini iPad and you are good to go. It’s quite affordable than buying paperback or hardcover graphic novels, all you need to invest money initially in iPad, but you can do lot’s of other things as well in iPad like watching movies, playing games, listening songs, checking mail etc.

I am totally agree that reading comics digitally cannot replace experience of reading physical comics but my whole experience is excellent and I will be really happy to know your thoughts and experience of reading comics digitally.

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