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Rampage Movie Review : Dumb in the Destruction

512Rampage Movie is directed by Brad Payton and stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Naomi Harris, is based off the midway series of video games that began in 1986 with the arcade game rampage. In the game player turned into a giant monster after being experimented on you control that monster to destroy cities.

In this Movie Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays a primatologist who shares a unique bond with a gorilla named George. They communicate with each other, they care for each other, but one day George gets infected with a scientific experiment along with a reptile and a wolf. They become gigantic and they come to Chicago to destroy it and the only one that can save the city is The Rock.

Rampage Movie is a popcorn movie which will not going to leave much of an impact. It’s watchable film but in the time you’re probably going to forget about it. I felt it’s is an extremely cheesy film with some truly awful dialogue and characters that make decisions at the last minute to solve all of their problems.



I feel like most people are going for Rampage Movie to watch monsters destroy cities that’s why I went and you are not going to probably enjoy it. It looks like a Michael Bay movie, there are so many jokes that don’t land. Three or four characters introduced in the first act that disappear and are never appeared on screen again.

For performance, I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he’s very talented, he actually ate this whole movie because his character is so larger-than-life. You will also see some cool action fromDwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he survives everything. He gets in a helicopter on top of a building that’s crumbling and he just comes up with a plan and it just works.

Things like this happen throughout the entire film this guy is a human punching bag. He gets beat up every two seconds and somehow survives but there’s no realism into it. I’ve always liked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, I like him in his wrestling days I’ve liked him in his acting days he is easily one of the most charismatic and likeable guys working in film.



The real issue with Rampage Movie is screenplay, which doesn’t give much of anything for Naomi Harris to do who basically runs around asking the rock constantly what’s the plan?

The biggest problems with the video game adaptations is that studio’s don’t know why people like the video games. That’s one of the reasons I like the newest Tomb Raider. It felt like the straight game adaptation.

If you’ve seen Brad Peyton’s other films with the rock like Journey to the Mysterious Island or San Andreas you can probably guess what Rampage Movie is going to be like.

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