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Rakshak Review: Why Rakshak is the real Indian Superhero

Rakshak Review

Here is Rakshak Review for those who don’t know who Rakshak is, well here is your chance. Rakshak is our new Indian Superhero created by Shamik Dasgupta and Team of Yali Dream Creations. They have come up with a unique concept of vigilantism. Rakshak is not a type of hero that you usually see in a comic. He lives among us, or may be one of us and may be even you. We all know what a superhero can do. He may be able to fly, able to weight tons, kick the ass the villains with super awesome acrobats and what not.

But here is where Yali Dream Creations dream of something different.A hero who is different from all other stereotypes. A hero who stand against the crimes and outlaws in the city. Yeah! I know. Now you may be picturing Batman. Of course, no doubt. Even I did that. Well then here is the counterpart. Our new hero himself is a fan of Batman. Now you can picture the rest. One becomes a hero not just by having a tragic past, or having powers from multi-dimensional sources, or by being an alien. All it takes is the courage to become one. Once you learn the art of patience and forgiveness, you can figure yourself a hero.

Our new hero named Aditya Shergill becomes the Rakshak not just because he fought a war being a solider, nor he knows Krav Maga, nor he loves his country more than anyone. He is just fed up with the laws of our country. Being a soldier he felt that our safety within the country is compromised. The laws are undermine under the hands of rich. He knows being a common man he doesn’t have the power or influence to question the authorities. He becomes Rakshak because he had the courage to become one. Anyone can become Rakshak today or tomorrow. All you need is the courage to stand against the evil.

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