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The Punisher Max The Slavers Review

Punisher Max The Slavers: –“The girl who was a virgin, and they made her go with eleven men, the night they abducted her, the other women who was raped eighty-eight times on christmas day…..”

—-“Rape them to Break them…”

—Frank Castle : “Four men raped her constantly for twenty-four hours, when she fought or screamed, they beat her ’til she bled, after that every night twenty men….”

These are some very disturbing quotes from The Punisher Max The Slavers, dark, gritty and sad story, but when The Punisher aka Frank Castle turns all of his attention to the forced prostitution ring, the whole city became a different kind of War Zone.


All Cover Artwork drawn by Tim Bradstreet

Punisher Max The Slavers is written by Grath Ennis, best punisher story run. Story begins when one women open wire to some mobs, and it’s noticed by Frank Castle aka The Punisher. Frank Castle kills all the mobs and is about to leave when the woman begging for his help screams they killed her baby. Frank takes her back to his base where she told her story how she forced into prostitution and kept by slavers, when she escaped they tried to track her down and murdered her child. She also told frank there are more women trapped into this slavery. The Punisher then turns all of his attention to destroy it, human trafficking operation – turning kidnapped girls into wretched sex slaves – is firmly in the Punisher’s sights. Cold, cruel men, the Slavers are a quarry unlike any Castle has hunted before, they are soliders, they’re ready to go to war to protect what’s their’s….


At the end, your nerves completely satisfied, what Punisher do to Master Head of Slavers. Really Amazing and truly badass punishment, that’s why he is the Punisher. Punisher Max The Slavers is must read if you like realistic dark stories. I am truly became fan of Punisher reading this awesome run by Grath Ennis.

In India Punisher Max The Slavers available in a special Collector Edition, you can buy it from AMAZON and enjoy this read.