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Punisher MAX Mother Russia
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Punisher MAX Mother Russia Graphic Novel Review

Punisher MAX Mother Russia begins with the friendship tale of most powerful countries of the planet. America and Russia are friends now, politically, technically and officially, but America’s high rank military official needs something from our new friend, what it is: A biological weapon, but friendship is all about giving, not taking, sometimes it’s really hard to giving, because America needs that weapon very desperately, so what to do?

Call Nick Fury (yes that Avenger’s One Eye Badass Dude), but Nick has another plan with another guy to steal that bio weapon.

Yes, you guess right, he is non other than Frank “The Punisher” Castle, the father of all Badasses. Punisher agrees to fulfil this undercover mission in exchange of some crucial information, and what is it? Well you need to read Punisher MAX Mother Russia to find out.

I will not spoil all the fun, just giving you a little glimpse of Punisher MAX Mother Russia base storyline written by Garth Ennis. Punisher goes to Russia along with his not so cool partner, to rase hell, which he is best known for. Russians pray to their mother but as frank says if you work for the devil, you better be ready to die for him, those Russian solider and their small camp become war zone, where frank hunts down his prey to save a single innocent life. The cold war re-awakens, rushing towards Armageddon…in MOTHER RUSSIA.

Covers of Punisher MAX Mother Russia are designed by Tim Bradstreet, he is best known for realistic tone and dark treatment for his art and in Punisher Max covers, same treatment applies.

Punisher shown in Garth Ennis run is not young, he is in his 50’s I guess, which makes him way too big and totally badass.

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