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Profound Comics : Ready to kickstart with Indian Aviator Series

Profound Comics

Being a 90’s kid each of us grew up with a fictional superhero that we looked up to; we imitated them, we secretly wished to have superpowers and we sure as hell did wish to live their lives! Well then all of just grew up and accepted ‘fiction’ with some of us still having THAT kid within them. Who ignored the basic suspension of disbelief theory. One such example is the Profound Comics Team!

Oh! They certainly didn’t become the superheroes they wanted to be, but instead, they came up with an entirely new universe of superheroes. What is Profound Comics you ask?Profound Comics a new Mumbai-based comic company with their first comic- Aviator Chapter-1 releasing in early 2017. The Aviator cover has already been released on their social networking pages. They particularly aim at making a ‘Globally accepted’ comic universe and putting India on the world map.

“Where does India stand in the global comic scenario? Why don’t we have a worldwide standing in the comic market especially when the nation is filled with artists? Our vision is to not stereotype our nation, globalization is hitting every part of the world and it most certainly will hit our comic universe! Our vision is to see India out there” said their co-founders.

The Profound Comics Universe is going to be based In India, giving the Indian cities their very own fictional twists, making it more relatable and believable for the Indian people. The first city they target to fictionalize is Mumbai – residence of ‘The Aviator’ We have seen superheroes flying over Times Square or Effile Tower now you will get to see superheroes fighting/ flying in locations based in India. (CST, Taj Mahal etc)

Team Profound Comics, a distinctly put up team, promises loads of action, thrill, surprises, and entertainment in their upcoming issues. They have promised to create an entirely new comic universe and most important come up with Original and New ideas. Profound Comics Team – Virat Pawar (Writer), Bhavjyot Mann (Editor), Abhinay Sathm (Illustrator), Umesh Bhosale (Calligraphy), Naveen Kumar and Nihal Wakode (Colorists) and Vedanti Ghadi.

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