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Pratishodh Ki Jwala : Born of Super Commando Dhruva

Pratishodh Ki Jwala

Today we The year was 1987. Raj Comics was dominating the comic book industry with its monthly offerings of Nagraj and other regular comics. It was time to add another superhero to the ever growing catalogue in RC. And thus, Super Commando Dhruva came into being. The first comic book featuring the character was Pratishodh Ki Jwala. I must have read it more than 20 times. It holds up even today, 28 years after its original publication.

The story starts off with conflict between two circuses- Jupiter circus and Globe circus. The owner of Globe circus, simply known as Boss, is a vile and cruel person, whose only aim is to destroy Jupiter circus. This results in a conspiracy which leads to the destruction of Jupiter circus.

One night, a fire breaks inside the circus which kills off everyone including Radha and Shyam, two famous trapeze artists. Their only child, Dhruva, is a grown up teen now, who learns that this fire was not an accident.


He decides to take revenge on the perpetrators of the crime and using his skills (which includes talking to animals). He invades the rival circus and after a hard fought battle, manages to successfully exact revenge.

After all of this is over, Dhruva is left standing alone. Everyone he once knew and loved is dead. He decides to utilize his skills to fight crime and save the innocents. Dhruva is consoled by police chief, Rajan Mehra, who has something in store for the hero, which is revealed at the end of the Pratishodh Ki Jwala book itself. Super Commando Dhruva is created by Mr. Anupam Sinha, who himself is legendary artist in Indian Comics Industry.


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Pratishodh Ki Jwala Review


The part I liked best is the very first page, where two goons are about to rob a passerby, when they see a bird, and know that he has arrived! Pure bliss! Pratishodh Ki Jwala is considered as perhaps the most important comic book in RC history along with Nagraj.

In the course of just 32 pages, we are told a complete and entertaining story which doesn’t tend to get dull at any given point of time. Raj Comics recently published Nagraj and Pratishodh Ki Jwala Silver Jubilee Edition. And rightfully so, taking into account the impact it has had on the comic book world over the years. Super Commando Dhruva is a hero who is revered on a world wide scale, and it all started with this gem of a comic book.