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Legend of Pratap Mulick : Godfather of Indian Comics Industry

Pratap Mulick Ji, one of the most influential comic book legends in India, true Godfather of Indian Comics Industry. Back in 2007, Raj Comics published Grahan Kand, the 2nd part of the biggest series in the storied history of Raj Comics. After finishing the comic book, I stumbled upon the green page at the end. What I read shocked me to the core. This particular green page was dedicated to Pratap Mulick Ji.

Raj Comics did a great job dedicating these 4 pages to his memory. They contained comments from the powers to be at Raj Comics, along with comments from the fans of Raj Comics, who were a part of Raj Comics’s now defunct online forum. It was heartbreaking to learn that the man who was responsible for bringing RC to where it was at that point, had left the world.

Pratap Mulick Ji worked for Amar Chitra Katha as an artist. He also designed a comic book series Supremo, a comic book superhero based on Bollywood legend, Amitabh Bachchan.

Pratap Mulick Ji was the artist for the first 50 issues of Nagraj from 1986 to 1995. Those flimsy comic books chronicling the adventures of our beloved superhero. Which he travelled from country to country, destroying terrorism using his super powers. It’s staggering to think that those brilliant pieces of art from Pratap Mulick Ji used to sell for such a small amount of Rs. 6 at that time.

Pratap Mullick

Chandu Ji, Shri Pratap Mulick Ji, Milind Mulick, Aswini & K.C.Reddy 1991

From the very first issue of Nagraj, aptly titled “Nagraj”, Pratap Mullick Ji churned out one beautiful panel after another, mesmerizing the fans like no one else could, and forcing them to immerse themselves in the stories using his skills as an artist.

Today, when Raj Comics is struggling to find good artists, using freelancers and changing artists after every comic book. The comic book fan in me longs for the days when we had legendary artists like Pratap Mulick Ji, who revolutionized the way comic books were drawn.

Pratap Mulick Nagraj

Promotional Artwork of Nagraj aur Miss Killer and Nagraj aur Nagina by Pratap Mulick Ji

After his stint with Raj Comics came to an end, he continued pursuing his passion for art and opened his own comics studio in Pune, Maharashtra. Where he also trained aspiring artists who would go on to work for Raj Comics in the near future.

Pratap Mulick Ji has left this world, but the impact he had on the comic book industry will never be forgotten, and his legacy will live till end of time.

Pratap Mulick Nagraj

Promotional Artwork of Nagraj aur Thodanga and Nagina Ka Jaal by Pratap Mulick Ji

Join Legend of Pratap Mulick Facebook page for artworks of Pratap Mulick Ji and See some of the outstanding artworks of Pratap Mulick Ji at CulturePOPcorn:


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