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Will Physical comics survive digital comics revolution?

Will Physical comics survive digital comics revolution? I started reading comic books way back in 1998, when my parents once bought 2 Chacha Chaudhary comics for me from the market. This was the beginning of a hobby that would soon turn into more like a passion and change my life for the better. Today, I have a large collection of over 7000 comic books in my cupboard and I’m proud to own it.

But back in 2010, the collector in me gave up after continuously having to go through boring stories coupled with rising prices. My parents gifted me a bike and I finally decided to stop buying comics and invest the saved money in petrol for my daily commutes.

Less than a year later, I stumbled upon something that would reignite my obsession toward comic books and bring me back to the good old days when I used to spend most of my time devouring comics one after the other.

I discovered Digital Comics!

I was surfing some websites in a cafe when suddenly a link caught my attention. I opened it and thus it began! It was a site which provided users with free downloads of classic comics from the Golden Age of comic books. The first one I downloaded was a horror comic and I never looked back after that. I completely switched to digital and over the course of next several years, read almost every comic I had once bought in the past but which were lost or damaged as the years progressed.

But there were a lot of comics from the past that I still wanted to read but weren’t available as digital files. So 2 years back, I placed a BIG order from Raj Comics which included the almost complete collection of the classic RC magazine, “Fang”!

After that, I continued buying comics from several new publishers that have emerged in the Indian comic market over the past few years. Now I read physical as well as digital comics and I don’t have any favorite among the two mediums. I enjoy reading a digital comic on my smartphone, tucked under a blanket, but I also equally enjoy holding a physical copy, smelling the pages of the book while reading it.

What about you? Which medium do you prefer? Do you think physical comics will not survive and be completely taken over by their digital counterparts, or will both the mediums go hand in hand for years to come?

What do you comic book fans think about this, Physical comics survive or not?

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