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Perfect Viewer Comic Book Reader Review

Enter Perfect Viewer Comic Book Reader! I discovered this comic reader for Android in 2013 and haven’t changed the reader since then and don’t plan to do for years to come! It’s that good!

Gone are the days when we comic fanatics didn’t have many choices when it came to the mediums to read comics. Comics used to come in one universally accepted format- The physical copy. But this changed with the dawn of the World Wide Web and companies started producing comics in digital format. Marvel has taken the digital initiative seriously with the Marvel Unlimited subscription service. I for one, downloaded my first digital comic way back in 2009, a decades old horror comic which was in public domain. I didn’t look back after that and fully embraced digital. I always have a great experience browsing a comic in full HD on my smartphone, with each and every little detail being showcased on the 5.3 Inch. screen in full brightness. But how do I enjoy my daily dose of comics on my phone?

These are some of the features that Perfect Viewer Comic Book Reader offers:

1. As soon as we have loaded our SD Card with a bunch of comic folders, all we have to do is just refresh the library and voila! The bookshelf home screen of the app displays your comics in perfectly arranged folders!

2. The bookshelf actually looks like a wooden physical shelf that many comic fans use to store their comics and show off in front of their friends. There are a no. of varieties when it comes to the design of the shelf, and it simply looks beautiful, with all our comics visible in neat folders, begging to be read!

3. Saying that the reader is user friendly would be a huge understatement. I seldom encounter any problem like the reader getting hanged or crashed due to overload of comic books. It manages a good bunch of comics at a time and I keep as many as thousand books in it at a time!

4. The reader comes with an external pdf plugin which enables the user to read pdf format comic books on it. The interface is smooth and a touch of your finger quickly takes you to the next page. It also has an option to read the pages from right to left, for the manga fans among us.

This stack of features ensures that no other reader can match Perfect Viewer when it comes to an excellent comic reading experience. So if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go and experience it for yourself .

Checkout this amazing reader here

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