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Onward Movie : The familiar fantasy set in a modern world


So, Pixar have always been hit or miss, so I was unsure if this film would be great since Pixar has an unpredictable track record. Onward Movie is a surprisingly great film with some really touching and heartfelt moments. I was amazed how Pixar took Onward the next level.

Great story, cast, and animation. The movie is just fun and satisfying to watch. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are really great here. As per usual, the visuals are absolutely stunning.

Onward Movie is a gorgeous looking film with terrific voice work as well. Pixar can’t do any wrong when it comes to that. Truly Pixar at its best with a beautifully thought out original idea there are a lot of good things to say about this so let’s get started.

First of all, the films animation and world building were fantastic. Wow this films animation was fantastic to look at. Whether it was the fantastic character designs of all the different characters Or the attention to detail with normal day to day things that made the film look incredibly realistic. They just did so many fun things with the animation that just kept you consistently entertained.

Next, Onward Movie was completely different to any other animated movie which was another added bonus. The film had very likeable characters great chemistry between characters and good usage of secondary characters. There was so many great and likeable characters.

Next, the film was very funny and had excellent character development. The movie definitely didn’t hit many feels like you’d expect but this is still a fun and entertaining movie.

Good Pixar movie. It helped end the long string of sequels being produced by Pixar. Great voice acting and animation. Onward Movie had an incredible amount of emotional weight. The ending was enchanting. The story was a great Pixar original.

Overall Onward Movie is one of Pixar’s stronger films with fantastic characters and world building, fantastic animation and character development.