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Nagraj Pratishodh Ki Jwala Silver Jubilee Edition

Nagraj Pratishodh Ki Jwala

To celebrate 25 years of the birth of their best selling character, RC came up with a special collector’s edition for the longtime fans as well as the new readers of Raj Comics- The Nagraj Pratishodh Ki Jwala Silver Jubilee Edition ! I bought this MEGA edition back in 2014. I had the reprints of ‘Nagraj’ and ‘Pratishodh Ki Jwala’, but this was too awesome an offer to pass!

Raj Comics had started publishing their old bestselling comics and series in the form of collector editions, and this was another gem in this series and a great way for new fans to explore the origins of two of the most well-known characters in Indian comic history.

First of all, let’s talk about the price. The cover price of INR 150/- is completely justified considering the points I’ll mention below:

  • The book is the biggest comic I have ever seen, and these 2 comics deserved this treatment given to them, considering their importance. The size is almost double that of a normal comic!
  • The covers are sturdy, and boasts the original art from the old comics, with Nagraj on one side, while SCD on the other side (upside down, obviously). Checkout Nagraj original artwork cover in High Resolution.
  • It includes full story originally published in first edition, then when Raj Comics reprint Nagraj, he skipped those pages.
  • Along with the stories, the RC team has devoted a good chunk of pages chronicling the history of both the characters, their friends, their arch enemies and the ideas behind the creation of these legendary superheroes. This was the biggest perk for me in this edition.
  • If these points can’t convince a potential buyer to buy this comic, I don’t know what will. This is every comic collector’s dream and will enhance the beauty of your comic book shelf tenfold! I have placed this edition on the very middle of my huge comic book shelf and trust me, it looks mesmerizing! It’s kind of symbolic considering the fact that these 2 comics were responsible for the advent of an era where comic books in India were selling like hot cakes and people used to flock in front of the comic stalls to grab their copies before they were sold out! Such was the magic of comic books back then!

My recommendation: BUY IT!