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Nagraj aur Bugaku : All time Bestseller

nagraj aur bugaku

Today I am going to discuss about No. 1 Best Seller comic in Indian Comics History : Nagraj aur Bugaku. As per record Raj Comics sold more than 6 Lakh copies of Nagraj aur Bugaku. That was Golden Era of Indian Comics and reading Nagraj aur Bugaku was like a dream come true for every comic book fan.

Let’s say you are a huge DC fan since a long time. You have devoured the comics and GNs published by them all your life. You waited with bated breath for the 2013 blockbuster, ‘Man of Steel’ and when it was released, you made it a point to see the very 1st screening in the multiplex.

Fast forward a year. You can’t believe what you’re seeing! A movie starring The Batman and Superman is in works! This is the biggest mark out moment of your life as for the first time ever, you are going to see 2 of your favorite superheroes, together on the big screen!


This was the exact feeling surging through me when I first got my hands on the comic, “Nagraj aur Bugaku”!

I became a fan as soon as the very first solo comics of Nagraj and SCD hit the shelves. Since then, I had been clamoring for a comic which would feature both of these heroes together, kicking supervillain ass like they do best. And finally it happened! This was the time when I was too young to visit the comic shop and my dad used to bring comics for me randomly. And this is how I missed the very 1st encounter between Nagraj and SCD in the now cult classic, “Nagraj aur Super Commando Dhruva”, and the comic being reviewed here became the 1st time I got to see the 2 of them in the same comic.

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Nagraj aur Bugaku Splatter Art Design by Kishan Harchandani


Those were the glory days of Indian comics as the late great Pratap Mullick used to best himself time and time again with every new comic that RC published. His art had an aura which used to force the reader to feel as if he’s watching an animated movie. Unlike today’s comics, we used to have 64 pages of epic stories costing not more than Rs. 15! How I long for those days….So the story start with Thodanga and Miss Killer devising a cunning plot to finish off Nagraj, their arch nemesis. Thodanga gets hold of a super sword, whereas Miss Killer summons a legendary Japanese dancer cum demon called Bugaku. The sword is handed over to Bugaku and he even somehow manages to capture Nagraj. By a twist of fate, SCD lands in the same trap where Nagraj is already being held captive, and thus begins the struggle for freedom as well as defeating the Villainous duo, and destroying the terrifying dancer-demon in the process. Nagraj aur Bugaku is very specially because in this comic Super Commando Dhruva faced all of his arc enemies like Jubiso, Roman Hatyara, VooDoo, Bahari Maut and more.

Checkout exclusive Splatter Art of Nagraj aur Bugaku design by Kishan Harchandani.
The comic features a packed cast with the Commando Force and Yeti aiding SCD at some points.