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MythTower Entertainment coming with The One : Abhimanyu

MythTower Entertainment

Comics are those mystical realms one would love to embrace and there is no qualm in articulating the fact that they are indeed the gateway analgesics to knowledge. All the fictitious characters projected in comics is a language which allows oneself to involve in the learning process. With passion amalgamated with deep enthusiasm and craziness, all the comic lovers get buckled up for another magical comic experience since MythTower Entertainment is coming with THE ONE.

THE ONE is written and drawn by Dheeraj Verma, internationally renowned comic book artist, along with Team of Jerry Bonner (Co-Writer), Periya Pillai (Colorist) and Kishan Harchandani (Letterist, Graphic Designer and COO). Visit their Website for more details.

THE ONE project is live on KICKSTARTER, you can pledge this tremendous project there. Tentative release date of THE ONE is Post Diwali, November 2017.


To any individual, their super heroes might be a Batman, Superman, He-man etc. But ever wondered that there are few other super heroes in our mythological Indian tales too. The MythTower Entertainment is coming with “THE ONE” which integrates the legendary fictions of our myth super fighters with glamorous and spectacular visuals which would definitely hypnotize the readers.

MythTower Kishan Harchandani

What is “THE ONE”?
MythTower Entertainment is coming with “THE ONE” where in this foremost one shot graphic novel is based on our enchanted traditional Indian hero, Abhimanyu. The novel revolves around that momentous day of Abhimanyu where he was destined to prove his skill and to one’s wonder he did it with extreme magnificence.


“THE ONE” of MythTower Entertainment is a one shot graphic novel based on Abhimanyu who is the son of Arjuna and Subhadra and is considered as the reincarnation of the son of Moon God. Abhimanyu was venerated for his impudent courage and absolute devotion towards his father and his uncles.

The story spins around that segment where he stepped into the battle field of Kurukshetra and fought with utmost expertise and arrogance. His confidence in fighting those malicious warriors who were far greater than his age and experience deserves every individual’s admiration. From then on, he was known to be “THE ONE”.

The One MythTower

As a helping hand to the Pandavas, he entered the battlefield on the 13th day of Kurukshetra and showed his immense gallantry by entering the Chakravyuha. Being trapped, Abhimanyu went on an assassination rampage and successfully killing thousands of Kaurava’s armed forces.


He showed a unique expertise in defeating the enemies and took everyone by astonishment which made him idolized and renowned in the history of Indian mythology.

Comics are those fictional dialects most people are likely to understand instinctively. MythTower Entertainment is also coming from one of those inimitable stories which is striving its best to bring back the splendor of Indian comics and mythologies.