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Muzaffarnagar Official Trailer
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Muzaffarnagar Official Trailer

Amazed to see the Muzaffarnagar Official Trailer on CulturePOPcorn? You must be wondering, CulturePOPcorn is dedicated only to Indian Comics and POP Culture, then why is a movie trailer doing on our homepage anyway, considering the fact that it isn’t related to CulturePOPcorn in any terms.

To tell you the truth, in today’s scenario, there are people who are willing to divide and rule the masses using the most dangerous weapon mankind has ever produced, the caste system. These tactics are cleverly used by these people, specially political parties and their leaders. It gives quite a satisfaction that even in these perilous times, there are a bunch of good people who are helping to make India unite, to make this country a better place to live. The guys at BBF Films are among these people.

They are going to be releasing a movie called Muzaffarnagar, which is based on the Muzaffarnagar 2013 riots, and about the unity of Hindus and Muslims, and how instead of engaging in endless battles, they live peacefully with each other. They did this for the sole reason of making people understand that they are human beings first, and Hindu-Muslims later, and they should display humanity towards everyone, no matter their religion.

We at CulturePOPcorn strongly believe in unity and that’s why we are elated and fortunate to announce that we are the Official Media Partner of the movie, Muzaffarnagar. A concept on unity of religions to make a better nation for all religions.

Here is the full cast and crew of the movie:

Writer and Director: Deepak Yadav
Assistant Director: Kartik Singh
DOP: Shantanu Routh
Editor And VFX: Shubham Verma
Cinematography: Kartik Singh , Shantanu Routh
Music: Shubham Raj
Production Manager: Ashu Tyagi
Makeup and costume: Pragya Sethi
Cast: Damini Sharma, Krishna Tyagi, Saurabh Singh, Shubham Verma, Sharad Gupta, Bhuvesh Tyagi, Ashu Tyagi & Veenu Tyagi
Official Media Partner: CulturePOPcorn

Enjoy the trailer and share you comment below.


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Official Poster of Muzaffarnagar Movie




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