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Mafia Definitive Edition : Lost Heaven Remastered

Mafia Definitive Edition

So, today something amazing happened and we got our first look at Mafia Definitive Edition gameplay. I wanted to give you my thoughts and impressions.

Graphically, it looks phenomenal. This game would look like that original trailer. And the idea of bringing the city to life with as much as detail and atmosphere as possible is beautiful.

Adding a number of new audio and rendering features including a brand new lighting engine for the remake has been completely overhauled and looks beautiful. I absolutely adore mafia 2. It’s in my top 10. So going back to mafia 1, it was really interesting.

Mafia 1 did something incredible back in 2002 and when a new remake of your favorite game comes out, it can be quite worrying as you don’t want them to ruin the experience of course. But times have moved on in the last 18 years since mafia one was released and things are different.

In Mafia 1, there was barely any UI. When you were on foot you had your health bar and that’s it. There were no mission markers telling you where to go, there was no mini map, there was no directions at the top left-hand corner of the screen saying this is your objective, do this.

But in the case of the Mafia Definitive Edition, we have tommy making his way into the farm set and the first thing I will say the farmstead is a lot smaller now. There’s not nearly as many buildings. The massive barn is nowhere to be seen and you have a mini map, you have your weapons on the left-hand corner of the screen, you have an objective at the top and the objective is to search the area which was previously made obvious by Paulie telling you that once you turn this corner, the truck will then get highlighted. Search the truck well.

Yes! We would be searching the truck but we would be making our way there and discovering that naturally. Adding more points to Mafia Definitive Edition, I must talk about the gunplay. Gunplay looks fantastic. They seem to be using the Mafia 3 engine here and you know that using a shotgun in game is a ton of fun. So, yes they are definitely using the best engine in terms of combat.

They’ve redesigned the entire level in Mafia Definitive Edition so there’s no point in me comparing the original to the new one in that aspect of course. Now, I wanted to talk about character designs. They’re great! I really like Paulie. I think he looks way more unique than the original Paulie. Talking about Motorbikes, oh yes they got re-added into the game because in the original Mafia they were implemented or were going to be implemented and I think it’s fantastic the hangar 13’s got them back in the game and I can’t wait to ride a motorbike in this game.

It’s obvious the hangar 13 have gone to Mafia Definitive Edition with a lot of care. They do say that a lot of the original team who worked on the original Mafia Game are taking part in this. And I think that it is incredibly important and gives me hope for Mafia Definitive Edition because obviously they have that experience and the love and passion for that original game.