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Decreased Logics and Increased Costs: Current Situation of Indian Comics

Current Situation of Indian Comics

In the wake of understanding Current Situation of Indian Comics , I have done some Sarvnayak Vistaar surveys and I can’t resist the urge to surmise that RC is offending their fans’ knowledge on a radical new level. I mean 10 kharabs?? Truly?? Additionally the way that the journalists don’t think even a bit before slaughtering rationale while penning down focuses like an air conditioner in a convict’s phone, clarifies a great deal about what they expect is the level of knowledge of us fans.

I’m a fan subsequent to 1998, and am as of now 24 years of age. I’m almost certain as per Current Situation of Indian Comics , that when this Sarvnayak arrangement closes totally (As yet leaving a mess of inquiries unanswered-We’re taking a gander at you NAGAYAN) , a large number of us will have been hitched and some will even have little children, who’ll some time or another request that we give them “those photo stories” that we read.

At that point you’ll give them this arrangement ( Go ahead you won’t give them the new arrangement of Bankelal without Bedi, which can kill the rationale building cells of a developing and solid kid in a moment) , and they will read it for somewhere in the range of 20 minutes.

Diversion over! Daddy! I need a PS 5 (Or whatever the hell XBOX comes up with) !! Kindly don’t make me read these things….




When I was a child, my folks purchased 2 Chacha Chaudhary comics (Rs 16/ – ) for me and accordingly began the fandom and I never thought back. Be that as it may, I truly feel for the cutting edge as they’ll need to purchase a complete hardcover arrangement of both Sarvnayak and the Vistaar arrangement for 2500/ – with some free stickers tossed into pacify them, else they won’t have the capacity to comprehend what the heck is going ahead in the story.

Gone are the days when a solitary 32 page comic used to display a complete and engrossing story without making us fans scratch our heads. In Current Situation of Indian Comics what we do? We do today in the wake of perusing a 40/ – Bankelal story or a 60/ – Vistaar story which is only a small part of an incredible adventure which appears to have no end and whose every comic, rather than clearing past questions, abandons us with twelve more inquiries left unanswered.