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Creator of Lady Death Upends Traditional Distribution Channels, Wins Big

Lady Death

On the day of a new Kickstarter launch, creator of Lady Death comic book Brian Pulido reflects on how far his Scottsdale, Arizona based company has come in three short years. Back then, he just settled a lengthy and costly lawsuit to regain ownership of Lady Death, his signature comic book character. He was at a crossroads. What was next?

Lady Death, a supernatural anti-hero who fights evil was popular in the 90’s but could she be relevant today and how would Pulido reach today’s readers? Looking at the comic book distribution landscape, Pulido concluded his best shot was bypassing the traditional channels and re-launched Lady Death through Kickstarter. The gamble paid off. His first campaign raised $76,553.

“We did four Kickstarters in our first year and everything had to work perfectly or else,” Pulido says. Thankfully it all worked out. Since then, Pulido has completed ten Kickstarters and raised over one million dollars for comic book projects. “We ship all our rewards within eight weeks of our Kickstarter close,” Pulido says.




“I credit our fans who we lovingly call “The Fiends,” Pulido says. “It’s all their fault” Pulido smiles. Pulido has grown his company, Coffin Comics, to a level not seen by most creator-focused, independent comic book publishers. He’s opened a global headquarters in Mesa, Arizona that houses a distribution center, offices, and soon a broadcast facility, a Lady Death museum and company store.

Coffin Comics Brian

On the horizon are comic book projects featuring new characters spinning out of the Lady Death “Darkverse” and licensed items including statues and action figures. “This is nothing short of a re-birth for Lady Death and for me. I am humbled and grateful to our supporters. There are no middlemen. It’s just the fiends and I.”

Pulido’s new Kickstarter campaign, LADY DEATH: APOCALYPTIC ABYSS #1 launches on February 7, 2018 at 7:00PM MST/PDT (Arizona Time). Kickstarter backers will be the first to read the new story. For more information: