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Khalnayak Mahanayak
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Khalnayak Mahanayak : Giant Size Union of ancient Superheroes

Before the Sarvnayak’s of the modern Era, we had Khalnayak Mahanayak, a series lost in the annals of time and overlooked by fans when it comes to discussing the best comic books of the bygone era, that is the glorious 90’s.

It was a time when the top two superheroes of Raj Comics, Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva were yet to completely be recognized as the popular superheroes they are today. Raj Comics had experimented with a lot of things, and one of them was “Raj Comics Super Visheshaank”. These comic books used to cost a mere 20/- and consisted of 64 exciting pages of Raj Comics awesomeness.

The series focused on characters like Fighter Toads and Pret Uncle, but what made it a collectible item was two comic books called Khalnayak Mahanayak. Both of these were a part of a 2 part story. The main premise of the Khalnayak Mahanayak series was three legendary superheroes Ashwaraj, Bhokal and Gojo of Raj Comics from lost times, fighting against insurmountable odds in the form of fierce and ruthless demons and devils.

Prior to Khalnayak Mahanayak series, Raj Comics had made it a point to well quaint the comic book fans with these three superheroes, by running regular monthly series of all three of these protagonists.

Khalnayak Mahanayak

We had Bhokal, who had become the favorite ancient hero of Raj Comics Universe. Then we had Gojo, who even though didn’t have the fan following of Bhokal, was still revered by many. Finally we had Ashwaraj. Many new fans don’t have any idea about this superhero whose comics became obsolete and rare as the years passed, but believe me when I say that he was one of the most popular heroes at that time.

The story of Khalnayak Mahanayak is your typical classic story of a band of super villains conspiring to take down these three hulks, and it ends not so well for the antagonists. The story is interesting enough to warrant 128 large pages, and provides a satisfying conclusion, without leaving and questions unanswered.


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