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Why Justice League can beat the Avengers

Justice League can beat the Avengers

Year 2017 and 2018 is huge for comic book fans, because this year they will see DCEU’s Justice League and Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War. So we decided to find out, after Superman v Batman is there still chance for Justice league to stand in front of MCEU success street? I think, Justice League can beat the Avengers.

Comic characters have an underlying grace hidden within their depths because they are incorporated with the heart of a warrior designed to survive. Once craziness upsurges its limits comparison does arise in the comic characters to assess the individual strengths of super heroes who are bound to emerge as a triumph.

Justice League can beat the Avengers because of their unique super heroes, deeper set of talents and greater experience in action. Below are the reasons to support why Justice League can beat the Avengers.




Dark and mysterious origins

These are one of those soul stirring and goose bump arising scenes where the characters are emerged from the dark origins being particularly meta humans right from Spider Man to Captain America. These days they are a boon. In Justice League Batman has the most tragic, larger than life origin, where he witness his parents gunned down in front of his eyes, so he become masked vigilante. Diana Prince agonized to an extent of thousand years watching her loved ones die, Victor Stone suffered atrocious attacks and in turn found himself in a tremendous athletic frame replaced by metal chunks which sprout the heat of battle in every individual’s heart.

Justice League can beat the Avengers CulturePOPcorn

They have been trained worthy against villains

Another prominent reason to show that the Justice League can beat the Avengers is that the level of experience. There is no qualm in articulating the fact that if the villains in Avengers have a degree in Batchelor’s Degree of fist- fighting then Justice League is having a Ph.D. in Global defence. The DC comics rogue’s gallery surely has a unique diversity in creating characters. The solo fighters in Avengers might have faced all kinds of interplanetary goons in their career but they would surely have a hard time in facing the anti-heroes of Justice League. The sly intelligence of Batman is required to conquest villains like Joker who is an expert in gamesmanship and deception. The attention of every character of the Justice League is demanded by the cosmically dangerous character, Daekseid.

Hierarchy does matter

The main down part of Avengers is that it lacks organisational structure which is highly present in the Justice League. The aura of each member in Justice League radiates power and authority since they have a clarity in knowing who’s in charge and they strive for keeping the peace. The Justice League can beat the Avengers because its basis is to preserve respect and order.




They don’t assemble, they Unite

Another key difference between Avengers and Justice League is that the team of Avengers always assemble as if to showcase their colourful characters. But what makes Justice League unique is that the characters are aligned not because they want to but because they are bound to do so. Therefore, to save people from the dangerous wrath of meta humans the Justice League do not assemble, they unite.

Justice League can beat the Avengers

Superman’s Power

In Avengers, there are very few fighters who can withstand a slight contact against the Man of Steel. Though Thor and Hulk are the only ones who had the luck to survive where as in Justice League Super Man’s undefeatable strength and speed would kill everyone right from Iron Man to Black Widow.

Considering all the above prospects it can be strongly quoted that Justice League splendour and authority couldn’t be matched by the Avengers, so chances are strong that Justice League can beat the Avengers. What are your thoughts, please share in comment box below.