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Act of Hell: A Glimpse of Narkrow – India’s first AI Generated Graphic Novel

India’s first AI Generated Graphic Novel

In a country that is almost synonymous with traditional ways of doing things, it is refreshing to see someone utilizing their creative skills and doing something different. Jaipur-based graphic designer Kishan Harchandani has taken a unique approach to his craft by creating India’s first AI-generated graphic novel Act of Hell: A Glimpse of Narkrow.

Kishan Harchandani used MidJourney AI, a cutting-edge technology to generate artwork for graphic novels. Mid Journey is an Artificial intelligence on-command artwork generation software. Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in our world, and it’s great to see it being used in such creative ways.

Act of Hell: A Glimpse of Narkrow

Act of Hell: A Glimpse of Narkrow – The Story

The basic plot of this graphic novel revolves around a mystery man who called himself Narkrow, an enigma wrapped in a riddle. His motives are unclear, but his actions speak volumes. He kidnaps a heinous underworld kingpin, One is Prey, while the other is a Hunter.

It is a tale of two men, around their conversation, their motives and a cloak-and-dagger operation that unveils the obscure lives of the characters and the paths they follow.

The plot might seem like revenge at first but as the story progresses, you as readers will encounter an unthinkable motive – an unimaginative twist that will leave you astonished. In short, Act of Hell: A Glimpse of Narkrow is a suspense thriller that will make you bite your nails.



The words from Author

Kishan Harchandani shared his thought about this graphic novel “I always wanted to try creative writing but never really got the chance to do so. I always found revenge and thriller tales addictive. There is something about the genre that tingled my senses and made me sit at the edge. And for a very long time, I wanted to create such a story, something that is riveting, epic and leaves the readers in awe.”



“And death has always intrigued me. Afterlife has been a very prominent belief in our Indian culture. Good deeds will open gates of paradise, and sinners will go to hell, but how? This concept inspired the story’s storyline. But curating a novel requires a creative plethora involving script, artwork, pencil and colouring, which made me a little reluctant.

Act of Hell Kishan Harchandani

And even when I published my previous graphic novel, “The One: Abhimanyu” in collaboration with Late Sh. Dheeraj Verma, I wasn’t on the creative side, instead, I handled the tech and marketing avenues. But, thanks to Mid Journey, finally I turned my imagination into reality. It was vital for me to create a book that reflected my ethos and allowed different readers to connect with it in their own unique ways.”

Where to Buy India’s first AI Generated Graphic Novel?

With Indian roots and contemporary themes, He scripted, designed and created this 24 Pages graphic novel with an open-to-interpretation story, so that you as a reader can judge and draw inferences. For more information and order visit the Act of Hell official website or Comic Haveli. Read India’s first AI-generated graphic novel and enjoy your journey to the truth with striking visuals that will take you to another world.