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Greyhound Movie : Quickest 1.5 hour movie, in a good way


There are plenty of movies that have tried to give you complex stories with multiple plot lines and lots of character development only to fail and perhaps try to make it up in the form of some action scenes. This movie was never about that.

Greyhound Movie was a great surprise for me. The action is first and foremost what drives it, and you learn about the characters through the course of the events of the action. Greyhound, at 90 minutes, is a short, simple, straight-talking war film.

Greyhound Movie is adapted from “The Good Shepherd,” a 1955 novel by C.S. Forester, a popular writer of naval adventures in the 20th century. As a film, and disregarding historical accuracy, Greyhound is very entertaining. Tom Hanks is as dependable and a good actor as ever, the special effects are pretty good.

Talking of Mr. Hanks, he is of course the main attraction of the film, after all it’s one of the main reasons I even bothered to watch this film. Needless to say that he delivers a great performance as usual, he is as good as you think he is going to be.

The rest of the cast are great, mainly unknown faces to me which helps in the immersion of the film. Greyhound Movie is both unassuming and realistic without ever once being boring. It’s a very traditional and indeed traditionalist movie. The non – stop action of the film makes it awesome.

Greyhound Movie is a proudly modest naval thriller – very nicely shot, stoic acting and no overuse of cheap special effects.

Overall, It was such a well made film and one of the most solid films you can watch this year. Did it suffer without the theatrical release in a cinema, maybe….maybe not. I don’t think it would add that much more.